UVa Sorority Girl Literally Can’t Even with Her Little

author-pic at University of Virginia  

The process has begun amongst UVa sororities where each older member has found her other half, the person that is supposed to make her heart flutter and inspire her to bedazzle purses with each other’s names on it. For every Big there is a Little and all is right with the world. It is an idyllic time. That is, for everyone except Becky Fleckie.

“It was wrong from the second we met,” Fleckie started. “We went to the Starbucks on the Corner and she ordered a coffee. Black coffee. What kind of person drinks black coffee? No, don’t answer that.”

Fleckie went on to detail the slew of insults her Little brought upon her to make her “shook.”

“She flat out refused to let me set her up with a guy from our brother frat. Then, when she introduced me to this girl in her chemistry class she called me her friend. How insulting! I am her sister. Her Big! I cannot even with this disrespect.”

Fleckie’s sorority has been left reeling after she announced her displeasure at the latest chapter meeting. However, the sorority president, Melanie Banks, made point out that there is still a bond there.

“We are a family. We all love each other,” Banks said. “That’s why this is a shock. I haven’t seen a sorority girl as mad as Becky since it was announced that we couldn’t go out at Boys’ Bid Night 2015.”

In solidarity, Fleckie’s sorority sisters flocked to her Instagram and Facebook page, liking every picture back to the very beginning. They could be seen alternating between four copy and pasted responses, “Queeeeennn!,” “Gurll, Slayyy,” and the fire emoji. Fleckie was “super pumped” about the show of love even though she “honestly wouldn’t be able to recognize” half of the girls who commented.

Fleckie’s Little could not be reached for comment due to previous commitments drinking mimosas and watching The Bachelor. Instead, her former roommate sent out a mass email stating that if anyone else was “dealing with an obnoxious Big to come together as a community and go to CAPS.”

Fleckie hopes that the struggles and stress of dealing with her Little can inspire other upper middle class sorority girls to find their voice and stand up for how they should be treated.

“Why settle for a scrub of a Little if you don’t need to? I want to go get mani/pedis, not go to a career building event with you,” Fleckie said while crossing her arms. She also mentioned that the sorority now plans to do even more vetting during the next phase of formal recruitment.

“This whole accepting a bunch of different people phase really isn’t working out. We all need to be carbon copies of each other if we want to avoid this disastrous situation again in the future.”

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