HokieBird Flies South For the Winter

author-pic at Virginia Tech  

Blacksburg is no stranger to cold weather in the spring semester. We go from cozy Christmas carols, to harsh walks on the Drillfield in a matter of weeks. While most students simply bundle up and face the harsh Blacksburg winter, others like the HokieBird, decided to fly south in search of warmer climates. Perhaps it was his instinctive nature or his hatred of too much snow, but the Hokie bird has left Blacksburg from the increasingly cold temperatures.Perhaps it was his instinctive nature or his hatred of too much snow, but the Hokie bird has left Blacksburg from the increasingly cold temperatures.

Many students, professors, faculty and administration are trying to figure out where the HokieBird is vacationing for the winter. Here at The Black Sheep we have deduced that the bird flew south to The Caribbean Center for Education and Research in Punta Cana, on the eastern tip of the Dominican Republic. There he will research optimal tan time, how many hours a turkey can sleep, and margs up to Cabo’s par.

So far he doesn’t seem to be upset with his choice, “I am planning on staying out of Blacksburg until at least the start of the new semester, and considering extending my stay until after spring break.”

He also thought about making a full Caribbean vacation by visiting Barbados, Jamaica, Aruba, the Bahamas, and of course Cancún. Luckily for the HokieBird he won’t be needed at Tech’s campus until the warmer months of the year when football comes back around.

While he is feeling the sand between his six turkey toes, he’s appointed a few temporary birds to fill his place, but none of them will do any of the heaving lifting that comes with the job. He doesn’t want to ruffle any feathers.

“Although I’ve gone on vacation during the winter before, the I seemed a little more anxious to leave home this year. Many think that the absence of Frank Beamer has played a huge role in my decision to leave early and stay away longer. Although Fuente has been very kind to Virginia Tech, I still feels like something is missing.”

After thirty years of tireless service maybe the HokieBird deserves a few extra days off, especially since his best friend is no longer working at the school.

Apparently to The Collegiate Times, when asked why he didn’t want to just vacation in Blacksburg and avoid 81 traffic, he explained, “I didn’t want any more Rails from TOTs, and I was tired of eating burritos on Moe Mondays. We couldn’t agree more.”

The change of pace could be good for the goofy gobbler, especially since the job lags in the winter. When the HokieBird returns, we are confident he will be his happy normal self just in time for the actual spring to arrive with some warm weather.

The Black Sheep tried to visit our favorite avian friend, but only received a gobble in response. He did want to stress that he was all right and just needed a little break from the day-to-day minutia of being the mascot to one of the largest schools in Virginia.

Next time you see him: say hi, give him a hug, a high five, and say thank you for all that he has done! Look for the HokieBird to be back on campus next semester to bring joy and school spirit to everyone in the Virginia Tech community.

Are you wishing you changed your mind about location yet?