5 Things Western Can Do to Bring McCracken Hall Back to Life

author-pic at Western Michigan University  

Lovingly known as “the oldest building on campus,” McCracken Hall now stands as a shadow of its former self. Students and campus staff alike continue to speculate about McCracken’s future, but nobody is sure of the best route to pursue. The Black Sheep have come up with a few ideas to breathe life back into this old building’s asbestos-infested lungs.

5.) The McCracken Bar:

Can we really call ourselves “Wastern” if we don’t have a bar on campus? The McCracken Bar can capitalize on the financial gain there is to be had off of student debauchery while giving Broncos a place to drown away their post-spring break depression.


4.) The McCracken Parking Structure:

If there’s one thing that unites Broncos from year to year, it’s our unanimous loathing of parking  on campus. Turn the building into a nice, snazzy parking structure and slap the McCracken name on it for old time’s sake.

3.) Chick-fil-A:

Instead of clogging up Westnedge, let’s clog up W. Michigan Ave! Campus will be alive with chicken lovers of all shapes and academic levels. Not to mention, Western can make a pretty penny off housing the new restaurant as well.

2.) The McCracken Dining Hall:

Jealous of those who live in the Valleys because they are so close to that beautiful new dining hall? Okay, maybe not, but it’s still a little ridiculous that the most inviting dining hall is all the way on that end of campus. Turn McCracken into a dining hall and watch Broncos swarm to it in hopes of getting an on-campus meal that won’t make you sick. Hey, if the food won’t get you, any remaining asbestos in the air will!

1.) Nothing:

Maybe the most likely outcome, students and tuition-payers never like to see a hike in tuition regardless of what the cause is for. Any renovation or construction done to McCracken will cost money and that is money that Bronco nation can spend on much more important things like 30-racks and Adderall.

Though a decision on McCracken’s fate may not come anytime soon, there is hope that a once-proud building can be brought back to life. Like “the oldest” anything, there will come a time where we must pull the plug, but until then we can still admire the history McCracken represents…from a distance and with a gas mask on.

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