Big Ten Voting Challenge Seeks to “Make Democracy ~Fun~ Again”


The Big Ten has teamed up to bring advocacy to voting amongst college students — in no other way than a competition. The new contest gives Badgers yet another chance to stick it to all the other Big Ten schools, which is music to the ears of UW students — not even considering the added caveat of doing the bare minimum required to participate in government. The fact that the Big Ten has made a competition out of what should be considered a duty has made it all the more appealing; they’ve finally found a way to make voting fun.

“Yeah let’s remind those Gophers who’s got the axe!” Andrew Johnson, a seasoned Badger, exclaimed after reading Chancellor Blank’s email regarding the Big Ten Conference’s Voting Challenge last Monday.

According to the Chancellor’s decree on the initiative, “Trophies will go to two universities — the one with the highest eligible voter turnout and the one with the most improved turnout.” It’s worth noting that the competition only measures the amount of students who have registered to vote in the 2018 midterm elections, and not how many will actually vote, because if there’s one thing that’s consistent, it’s the effort level of a college student.

Johnson is quite inspired by the chase for gold as he proceeds to share information about the contest in a post on Facebook, his apartment’s group chat, with a get-out-and-vote filter to his profile picture, and even going so far as to finally search, “When and where do you vote?” The initiative and rallying cries behind it shadow the exact amount of enthusiasm The Framers hoped the right to vote would inspire in everyone.

When asked about why he hadn’t already been registered to vote, especially for the most recent 2016 presidential election, Johnson seemed to be just as knowledgeable as he is about the Badger football team. “Well my voice just doesn’t really matter. I leave it to the people who actually care and are affected by all that political stuff.”

“I honestly probably would’ve wrote-in Paul Chryst just for the lolz,” he added, “I mean you have Hillary wanting to build a wall, and Trump sending all those dumb emails — neither really should’ve won and it shows that it’s not even worth voting if those are the only people you can vote for.”

Thus showing that Chancellor Blank was right on the money when she triumphantly stated, “One of the most important values we teach at our universities is the importance of civic engagement.”

Despite the American Revolution, gifting Johnson the right to vote in the first place, and the numerous, additional conflicts and movements since then to protect and expand the right to vote to those vastly different from the founding fathers, the only thing that seemingly can get Badgers like Johnson to vote is a trophy. Kudos to the Big Ten Conference for finally Making Democracy Fun Again. Now go Badgers, make our Founding Fathers proud, by voting for whomever has the funniest sounding name and playing “eenie meenie” while voting for those endless referendums and judges. Democracy, what a beautiful thing it is, isn’t it?

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