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Drinking Game: Minesweeper

In Minesweeper, which has been included on ancient computers for many years, you must rely on strategy, observation, and a little bit of luck to avoid being blown to bits by mines buried beneath the surface. To up both the stakes and the fun, we added alcohol.


What You’ll Need:  

Sixteen identical shot glasses, tap water (or bottled, if you’re feeling fancy) a bottle of grain alcohol, and a hard surface to play on. Be sure to have a trash can on hand or play near a bathroom in case of vomiting.


Number of Players:

At least four, but the more the merrier.


Level of Intoxication:

At least one participant is likely to projectile vomit and, depending on how many rounds your crew survives, your memory loss may be as severe as that one time you took that accounting test and forgot everything you studied within the first minute and a half.


How to Play:

– Fill up four of the shot glasses with grain alcohol.

– Fill up the remaining twelve with plain old water.

– Shuffle the glasses around so you can’t tell the water from the alcohol.

– Arrange the glasses randomly in a square.

– Take turns picking a glass and drinking its contents. No smelling allowed. Try not to cringe as the grain alcohol sears its way down your throat.

– Keep picking glasses until all the alcohol has been consumed.

– If you’re all still on your feet, refill the glasses and play again. Aint’ no rest for the wicked.


The Game Ends When:

You feel like you have fulfilled your duty to your country by clearing the minefields and making the world a safer place. Alternatively, the game can also end when you are all too hammered to differentiate the grain alcohol from the water whatsoever.



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