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A Personality Heatmap of Downtown Clemson

The youngins, the dancers, the heavy drinkers, the cig smokers, the game players and the beer sippers: it’s quite surprising though how the same types of people hang around the same places every weekend for an entire year, year after year for an eternity of however long Clemson has been here. However, although there are many different personalities crammed into each bar, there is always more of one type than another, and we’re here to break ’em down for ya. 

Here you will find an older crowd that likes to play darts and savor a good beer, instead of seeing who can finish theirs first. You know that refined senior in your small lecture who comes into their afternoon classes somewhat buzzed from grabbing a quick burger and pitcher downtown? Well, he went to Backstreets and sipped a few beers and talked about the media’s role in politics or something seemingly important before coming to lecture. 

Loose Change:
Loose Change always changes. But here, you will live music aficionados. Because for some reason, Loose has been the only venue to have all of the live music recently, meaning it’s a magnet for plaid-clad frat stars who chill on fat 40 ounce Bud Lights and bounce their head to country covers. 

TTT’s is Clemson’s petri dish. It’s where you’ll see your 21st birthday partiers, some old heads that like to beat the youngins at pool, the hippies, the frat stars, the girly girls, the cig smokers (Upstairs) and even the girls in sweats. But, those who like to get figgityfucked-up like to go here. How can you turn down $2 tequila shots and PBRs? Plus, the abundance of pool tables and space to explore is key when you’re drunkenly “doing laps” trying to “find your friends,” aka make eye contact and chat up any and all warm bodies that’ll give you the time of day. 

TD’s is a refuge to the older couples, more likely to be the local parents of Clemson students hiding from the debaucherous chaos reigning down around them… but still getting the good ol’ campus feel. Then you’ve got the singers. Karaoke is King at TD’s, so those who have good singing voices (and even those who don’t) flock to TD’s on Karaoke Night.

Study Hall:
The dancers go to Study Hall. This new Clemson bar is equipped with many different places to sneakily throw up and throw down a little boogie. Study Hall has the dopest dance floor and roof, both where one can twerk and grind whenever on whoever they please. Study Hall is where you’ll see the Huge Group of Girls™: 

Nick’s is where you’ll find your dedicated beer drinkers and conversation starters. Although Nick’s is an infamous bar in downtown Clemson, the younger crowd tends to gravitate towards the main street bars while the upperclassmen tend towards Nick’s because it’s laid back and sweatily grinding on strangers covered in rum and Cokes for two hours is for the #youths.

Kung Fu Cantina:
For those new to Clemson, Kung Fu Cantina used to be the first 18+ club in Clemson (RIP Crocs). As the name suggests, Kung Fu Cantina (KFC… DID WE JUST DISCOVER THIS???) caters to a wide spectrum of people. Anyone who likes margaritas with their sushi is insane, but the kind of insane we like here at Clemson.

Wingin’ It:
Okay, we get it… You like large drinks for cheap. Anyone and everyone makes their way to Wingin’ It at some point to get a cheap litcher. Fratty dudes and sratty chicks, old heads who love their wings… anyone can call Wingin’ It home.

Sloan Street Tap Room:
Now, Sloan Street seems to be the only place that the youngins of Clemson do not go to. Just the usual Clemson locals that’ve been in Clemson for a good minute. But, Sloan Street offers some dope beers and good food, so this’d be a good place to take the ol’ parents and pretend you go here when they drop in on you randomly

Now the next time you go downtown, you won’t be able to help but spot all of these people at these places! Don’t be afraid to explore the bar scene in Clemson, because the drinks are good wherever you go! 



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