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Top 5 Things You Can Get Away With in The Clemson Experimental Forest

The Clemson Experimental Forest covers a whopping 17,500 acres surrounding the greatest campus there ever was. But, have you ever actually explored this heap of land? Like us you’ve most likely driven by, thought about how cool it’d be to smoke weed there, but then never truly gotten into it too much. Well, if you ever decide to explore the Clemson Experimental Forest, here are the things that you can get away with:

5.) Pound Beers:
Okay, Everyone knows how college students love to drink. They also know how to drink anywhere and at any time of day. Drinking is almost always number one on the list, because what Clemson student wouldn’t want another place to drink? Yeah, that’s right… all Clemson students are looking for another place or another reason to drink. Authority figures are few and far between, so as long as you’re not a drunk asshole, the Experimental Forest has plenty of sneaky areas to pound a few beers until you start communicating with the forest elves. 

4.) Reap in The Insta Likes:
There’s a ton of scenery in the Clemson Experimental Forest… because, well, duh, it’s 17,500 acres. Instagrammers are always posting trendy nature photos, so if any of you Clemson students are looking for their next artsy fartsy backdrop or scenery for your next post, the forest is the best place to go! Full of beautiful trees and surrounded by the lake… jack up the contrast, throw up your sorority sign or whatever, add a caption that’s cool but not try-hard like “getting zen b4 finals” and you’re bound to receive a ton of likes. But who’s counting?

3.) A Date?:
Hmmm…. Well, this would be for you adventure seekers out there. Guys, or girls, don’t take someone out here on a date if they do not like the outdoors or if you just met them. It could just be seen as really f***ing weird if you’re like “Hey let me take you to this out of the way forest, girl.” Regardless, this beautiful piece of land is perfect for the tree huggers and less cliche than making TTT’s your first date, CHAD. 

2.) Tree watch (mushrooms):
There are tons of trees. So many trees, you guys, and they’re like… real you know? It’s usually impossible to watch a tree grow, but you can really see them nowSo so many trees. There are so many trees.

1.) Hide Things:
We all have those certain things that we want to get rid of forever. Whether that be a box of Cabbage Patch Kids your roommate refuses to keep in the apartment, or maybe you’ve fallen into a little bit of semi-legal cash $$$, the Clemson Experimental Forest has 17,500 acres of land to hide things on. Are we getting a little serial killer-ish again??? Nahhh.

The Clemson Experimental Forest has proven itself to be full of fun ideas. But, you have to be willing to get a little creative because you won’t find bars or electronics out here. Thankfully, Clemson is such a beautiful area, which makes it a little bit easier to put down your phone and enjoy what you’ve been missing this whole time!

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