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Top 5 Hidden Perks of First Friday, Ladies

Every time the word “mandatory” exits an exec member’s mouth, a sorority girl loses a pair of Norts. Whether it’s a celebratory sisterhood event at the skating rink or a 2-hour lecture-based educational event, throw in the word mandatory and it suddenly becomes the fun equivalent to a night shift at the Super Bi-Lo. But before you sigh and mumble under your breath at the looming mandatory First Friday appointment in your Lily planner, consider all of the hidden perks it offers. 

5.) You can forget the three-day function shirt rule: 
Nothing is more frustrating than ripping the plastic off your brand new function shirt only to watch it gather dust during the three-day off-limits period. It isn’t your fault the pledges won’t pick up your laundry, leaving you exclusively with ugly t-shirts acquired on Library Bridge. First Friday tanks are the exception to the rule; you get to wear them day-of along with everyone else and it’s 100% socially acceptable. 

4.) Soccer players are hot:
Sure, you know nothing about soccer, save the few rules you’ve picked up from your boyfriend’s FIFA obsession and that Cosmo article on Cristiano Ronaldo. But you do know a thing or two about hot guys, and the Clemson soccer team is here to teach you even more. You may be forced to sit in the bleachers, but they can’t stop you from chatting up the shaggy blonde on the player’s bench. Just imagine his sweat is a result of your breathtakingly beautiful features; it’s honestly probably halfway true, right? RIGHT?

3.) Chants and cheers are fun again:
Flashback to recruitment mere days ago when every little song was accompanied by the recruitment chair’s angry, borderline psychotic whisper screams to be louder and prettier and just all around better. Welcome to First Friday where the words are made up and the result doesn’t matter. Scream your heart out or just gossip with the girl next to you, because it’s no one’s business to care. Sweet, sweet freedom. 

2.) Face paint is a go:
 It’s a scientifically proven fact that sorority girls look better in face paint, and that cuteness increases exponentially with the addition of Converse kicks -– in the color of your choosing — and a lettered fanny pack and/or neon hat. And yet, the look has a time and a place. Fortunately for you, First Friday is the perfect time and place. So get ready to snap, filter, and crop, because that perfect Insta is going to receive some much-deserved love.

1.) It’s the biggest pregame you’ll attend all year:
We all know First Friday is just one big excuse to start the inevitable rush blowout pregame. You’re with all your sisters, all everyone else’s sisters, and every Clemson fan within a 100-mile radius. If that doesn’t sound like a promising outlet for a few successful drinking games, we don’t know what does. You can also take advantage of the evening as a practice run for your game day alcohol-smuggling plans. Better to get caught by your standards chair than by one of those pesky SLED agents.

So before you passive aggressively delete your First Friday chair’s 49th email reminding you of the minute-by-minute schedule for the evening, think about these measurable benefits of the event. They’re there for the taking. In other words, smell the roses, or whatever your sorority flower may be.

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