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Top 5 Things NOT to Say During Clemson Pride Week


Here at Clemson, everyone is part of the Clemson Family. Even the squirrels! So, during Clemson’s Pride Week (April 2-8), don’t be a party pooper, like that one guy who prefers Canvas to Blackboard. Support your LGBTQ+ Clemson siblings. There’s plenty you can do! But there’s also plenty you SHOULDN’T do. Here are some of those things!

5.) Just generally dumb sh**:
This should just be a given. You were literally told in preschool not to call people names and here you are doing the exact opposite of what Playhouse Disney instructed years ago. But really, it’s so interesting to see that you’re so tough that you’ll use so much of your energy attempting to insult people whose lives and identities don’t affect you in the slightest! Maybe instead of being rude to your fellow Tigers, you could focus that towards Carolina fans. Quick suggestion: do your homework by the pride flag on North Green this week, if it isn’t raining.

4.) “Wellll the Good Lord Baby Jesus says…”:
Everyone has heard the sweaty preachers hoopin’ and hollerin’ outside of Cooper who say “homosexuality is a sin.” It’s been said countless times. But, notice that hasn’t stopped anyone from identifying as LGBTQ+! If anything it’s just made them feel unloved in a society that claims to encourage individuality. Not to mention it’s widely known that God is supposed to love ALL people. INTERESTING. There are so many LGBTQ+ people who are religious, and shouldn’t the “Clemson Family” include everyone? Have all those years of anti-bullying videos from the 90s taught you nothing? Clemson would host an entire week bringing awareness to this if it wasn’t important.

3.) “Why don’t we have a Straight Pride Week?”:
Well, it seems that every week straight people can walk around unafraid of being called a slur, or being told they’re inappropriate, especially on Clemson’s campus. No one says anything to you when you cut the sleeves off your shirts and strut your sexuality, Chad. It’s like when you were little and your sibling was having a birthday party. Yes, your birthday is important too, Tommy, but let your sister have this.

2.) “Trump supports the LGBTQ+ community!”:
Dude. He literally held up an UPSIDE DOWN pride flag with “LGBTs for Trump” hastily scribbled on it, in what looked like Sharpie that was running out of ink and had to be shaken after every letter. He must really care. This is a fact just like the fact that Dabo Swinney is the Gamecocks’ biggest fan ever.

1.) “I didn’t go but here’s my opinion anyway…”:
Doing this would be like failing an exam for a class you always skip and then trying to argue with the teacher as to why you didn’t get an A. Yes, you have an argument, but is it really justified? Try attending a Clemson Pride Week event, like Open Mic Night, the SpeakOUT Panel, Ally Training! Nobody should argue something they don’t know anything about.

There are a lot of difficult things to do in this world, but something that is pretty easy is just not being a d*ck to people! Can’t we just be like dogs? Minus the sniffing each other’s asses, of course.



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