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Your 1 Week Into The School Year CU Boulder Bingo Board

When it comes to going to school at CU, your experience is more of a predictable ritual if anything else. There are certain habits and occurrences that tell you you’re back in Buffs land. This also comes with stresses such as homework and class, but we try not to think about that. What we do think about, is how this ritual just brings out certain realities that you forgot existed before with our 1-week-in BINGO board. If you get BINGO, first take a long, hard look in the mirror… and then tweet us your board at @blacksheep_CUB.

You’ve been realizing your life is now going to be a lot more – how do you say it — sucky: Agonizing bike rides from Fiske to Hale; 3 hours of working in the “not exciting” level of the Norlin; 3 hours of drinking; and 4 hours of homework all in the same day. You’ve even been checking on D2L and somehow you already have a D in your humanities class. And you know, deep down, that takes a special kind of stupid. Or you’re just the average CU student.

Burnett’s/Brown Booze:
Once school was back in session, there’s no doubt the customer growth of Hazel’s was greater than the Target on 29th. Probably by the time this article posts 70% of its readers will be in the UMC, munching on Papa John’s, slightly buzzed off of Natty Ice or Burnasties, only to get progressively sh*t-faced throughout the afternoon. Can anyone name a better way to get through school? This strategy has gotten every Buff who stumbled around campus to graduate with a degree, so there’s really no point in stopping now.

Come to terms with the atrocious on-campus traffic:
There is no doubt that Boulder has some of the most dangerous pedestrian/bicycle related traffic issues ever seen on planet earth. Out of nowhere an obviously aspiring tour de France champion could zoom so close to you they tickle your arm. A hipster on rollerblades regularly clips your ankle and looks back just to mock your existence. But the worst part is you’re used to it. This is what it’s like to walk to class in Boulder. Everyone looks like they’re racing to get a gold medal and will stop by no means. So it’s kinda like the pedestrian/bicycle traffic Olympics… kinda.

Taken 1000 Instagrams of the Flatirons:
You know that after you wake up, have a cup of coffee, scroll through Instagram, and take your morning sh*t, your body is out the door and capturing the majestic Flatties we have in our backyard. Once you’re in Boulder, photographing the Flatirons is as ritualistic and necessary as 420. The novelty will eventually wear off, but for now taking pictures of the Flatties is as addictive and as satisfying as crack cocaine. These are the kind of photos that make you think you can screw engineering and just spend the rest of your degree in the VAC.

Seriously, don’t be ashamed about your ram-murdering dreams – we all have them. And as for everything else, just take it as a sign that Boulder is now the place you’ll live for months and you’re at the mercy of that fact. Awesome, right? We bet you’re looking forward to seeing what other effects unlimited amounts of time at school will do to you.

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