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420 Map Of CU Boulder’s Best Places to Smoke


4/20 at CU Boulder used to be a world famous smoke out, with trampolines and happy people. Now we have security guards and yuppie, stoned tourists wandering around and overcrowding the most popular smokin’ spots. Check out The Black Sheep‘s 4/20 map to make sure your day doesn’t go astray.




Older People Trying To Hide:

These people have “real jobs” and “real responsibilities” like children. “Hide the Cheeba from the Children,” as the saying we totally didn’t just make up go. You can go wander around these neighborhoods, but if you do, you risk not only getting run down by an angry dad, but getting run down by anxiety of, you know, your future and what you’re doing with your life and that you least need to decide a major or Jesus here we go take some deep breaths you’re ok. 


Lovely Park:

It’s a park on the fringe of a college campus. There’s no practical purpose for this scenic square besides as a stoner oasis. Perfect for stoner dates and stoner picnics, and stoner stone throws. 


Get Hit by a Bike:

Not the best place to smoke, maybe, since you risk getting blindsided by one of these silent killers known as “bikes.” Nonetheless, when it’s nice out, there’s no better place to be than stoned and floating around with the commoners. 


Stinky Lake: 

It’s stinky, but don’t let that dissuade you from taking in a large body of water. What’s with humans and wanting to be near large bodies of water? you’ll think. Oceans, lakes, stinky lakes on college campuses even. Humans love to just lay on beaches, near big bodies of water. Is it that it’s cold? Are our evolutionary roots calling us back to the ocean? Are dolphins the most pure and honest animal on this planet? What should you eat for lunch? 


High School Smokers:

Oh to be young and paranoid that literally anything and everything horrible will happen. You yourself shouldn’t go smoke here, because that would be weird on several levels, but it’d be pretty funny to like, out on a badge and mustache and get a glimpse of pure, unadulterated fear that flashes through kids’ eyes as they try to smoke through an apple between class in celebration of 4/20. 


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