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5 Things You Can Do With the Other 14 Minutes You Have to Fill Out an FCQ

During finals season, you have to cling to even the tiniest perks life offers, because there really aren’t many. Luckily, every Buff has had some good fortune lately, because every Buff has had to fill out the wonderful gift known as an FCQ. After a brutal semester of bending to your professor’s every will, you now get the chance to talk anonymous shit about them — it’s your dream come true. And not only do you get to rant about your prof’s pervasive B.O., you get to rant about it for 15 minutes in that smelly prof’s class! That’s right. During FCQs, instructors leave the room for a glorious 15 minutes, giving you plenty o’ time to take the questionnaire. And since the FCQ is literally just a 6-question survey, that means you have 14 minutes to do whatever the hell you want once you finish. Here are 5 things you can do with the other 14 minutes designated to the FCQ.

5.) Finally learn your class friend’s name:
After 4 months of passing papers to that one kid and bonding over the truly awful teaching style of your teacher, it might be time to learn what this human’s name is. Since they most definitely introduced themselves at the start of the semester, you can’t just ask. Instead, you can squint really hard at said class friend’s indiscernible scrawl of a signature, or scroll through the class list on D2L and choose whichever name seems the most fitting. If you’re really gutsy, just wing it and hope the kid’s name is Jamie.

4.) Go to the UMC:
If you book it, you can be in the Alferd Packer Grill in 3 minutes, giving you another 11 to make it back to class. Obviously you don’t have time to wait for a delectable panini, but you most certainly have the leeway to grab a heap of greasy fries and chicken. Take that to-go box and fountain drink back to whatever ancient CU building you came from, and treat yo’ taste buds during lecture.

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3.) Ditch class:
Once the FCQ time has concluded, your professor will only have 35 minutes to bore you to death. A champ like you could survive a 3 hour lecture, but why suffer? It’s not like the teacher you rated as an overall ‘2’ will be able to teach you anything significant in a half-hour. Grab those attendance points at the start of class and then ditch that bitch.

2.) Explore the labyrinth of Hale Science:
With a whole 14 minutes to ponder, how could one’s mind not think about the excessive number of staircases in Hale Science Building? Literally. So. Many. Staircases. If you’re feeling adventurous and daring, head over to Hale and see how many staircases you can go down before you’re officially in the Underworld. Be warned though— Hale is one hell of a maze, so don’t be too confident about making it back to class on time.

1.) Stare straight ahead with headphones in and a dead look in your eye:
Only a couple weeks left until you’re officially done with the school year, so why change your routine now? It’d frankly be off-brand for you to try anything new, such as smile or feel joy, so just ride that persona out into the summer.

During these last few weeks where free time is hard to come by, you have to take advantage of the little things. Even if that ‘little thing’ is only 14 minutes, just know that Boulder is your oyster, and you can use that time to make a friend, grab some grub, discover a new place, or literally do nothing at all.

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