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6 Stressful Realities of Owning an iClicker at CU


What can make college even more stressful than it is? You guessed it, owning an iClicker. The reality is, it’s simply another piece of technology that is a potential waste of money, depending on how together your life is.

5.) Buying the iClicker in the First Place:

Everyone knows this feeling: the initial walk down the stairs in the CU bookstore, only to discover an annoying surplus of iClickers that reaches from the ground to the ceiling. But which one do you need? Is this the same anxiety Harry Potter felt when he had to choose his wand? Can you choose the wrong Clicker? You slowly pick out the one that speaks to you, hoping it can fight off the Dementors that are all potential 0s in the gradebook.

4.) Registering Your iClicker Online:

Did you buy a car? Or a drone? Who knows what goes on in your life, but we do know you bought an iClicker. And like the items just listed, you have to register it. Filling out your name and the country you live in is simple, but the email and the remote ID and the image code are almost too much to ask to be filled out ten minutes. Technology isn’t sophisticated enough to develop a system to register it in the building? This iClicker system is just so extra.

3.) Keeping Track of Your iClicker:

Ok, now you have hunk of plastic technology the size of a small rock that cost you about the same amount as a Beyonce ticket — and it will last you your whole college career. The stakes are high. Now all you have to do is keep tabs on it. You’ve already had to get a temp key for your Buff OneCard six times, and the system expects you to keep track of another item? Might as well make that task Bronchitis because ain’t nobody got time for that.

2.) Finding your iClicker in the Black Hole That is Your Backpack:

You’re finally in Math 100, and your over enthusiastic teacher yells, “Clicker question!” and your BPM starts to escalate. Each pocket you have to dig through is a step towards a nervous breakdown. Your mind is racing, as you’re trying to remember where you threw it after booking it out of your last class. Relief is immediate as you feel the small, plastic rectangle at the bottom of your bag. None of that matters because you missed the question.

1.) Getting Your Clicker Connected to the Right Frequency:

After digging in your bag ferociously, it only makes it more unnerving when you don’t even know if the damn thing is connected. The simple flashes of light are as hard to navigate as Duane Physics. What do they mean? You start to panic and press the buttons of the supposed “frequency” as the professor puts the question up, and you’re drowning in uncertainty amongst the 400 other people in your lecture. Yikes.

1.) The Fear that Your is iClicker Never Actually Working:

The odd line of colors flash, and when you click your answer you pray the other end received your message. However, you’ll never really know if you got those Clicker points until it’s too late. When your grades are posted on D2L, you’ll find out if the Clicker was indeed worth the unsurmountable loads of stress. The entire Clicker could be a conspiracy just to yield money from already insane college students. You could be walking all the way from Buckingham to Math 100 for absolutely nothing. Everything is relative. Everything is a lie.

iClickers are certainly one of the world’s worst inventions, but there is a silver lining here. Just think, after you graduate you can sell that cold piece of plastic for a hot $17 to a freshman who has no idea what he’s in for.

No, you can’t use shacking as an excuse for being “technically homeless.”


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