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CU’s Fight Song Rewritten to be Much More Accurate

After another amazing game at the Mile High Stadium this past Friday, chants of the CU fight song are dulled only by the sound of crushing beer cans. Congratulations to our very own football team for pleasantly surprising us once again. Students seemed unfamiliar with the CU fight song… that is, until that chant about fucking people up. In order to encourage students to sing the whole song, some adjustments have been made to help the age-old buffalo chant a bit more #relatable. 

And here’s the 2017 revamp:

Drink CU down the field

CU must eat

Kale, kale for everything

CU knows defeat (we’re getting better though)

We’ll roll up a mighty joint

Never not high

Half Fast to Salvaggio’s

We will drink, drink

Drink, drink drink!

This new edition covers all the basics, from dirty hippies to rich kids that drink buckets of booze and eat only the finest Hill cuisine. Most buffs eat greens all day; whether it’s kale or the devil’s lettuce, Buffs always eat their vegetables. And let’s not pretend that “CU knows no defeat.” They know it alright, but lately that seems to be lighting a winning fire under our football team’s collective ass.

Other drafts of the CU fight song were submitted covering topics such as a buffalo-shaped swimming pool, Lulu Lemon as the unofficial sponsor of sororities, and Boulder Creek as the best place for Tinder hookups. Make sure to have this memorized for the next game this next Saturday as the Buffs take on the Texas State Bobcats at Folsom Field!

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