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7 Reasons To Thank the Good Lord Baby Jesus It Hasn’t Snowed in Colorado Yet

For some reason Ullr hasn’t blessed Boulder with piles of snow, and CU students have taken notice. However, with the lack of snow on campus, there’s nothing to be sad about. With the winter comes the annoying urge to build snowmen, drink hot chocolate, and sing carols – how aggravating. We should consider the lack of snow a true gift from mother nature, and here’s why:

7.) You haven’t had to see Colorado in its ugliest form:
With the snow comes a dimensionless white world. Who cares if the snow falls on the gargantuan layers of sandstone of the Flatirons creating a flawless shimmering blanket, the color of angels’ wings? Just looking at snow is blinding. And the blue sky as a contrast? Plain, and ordinary. 

6.) You don’t have to bother wearing the copious amounts of clothing you bought in preparation:
So what if you just wasted $500 for the upcoming winter? At least it’s not actually as cold as you thought it would be. You can wear whatever fall garb you’ve been sporting, whether it be Lulu Lemon or Vineyard Vines. Also, when it comes to winter clothing it takes about 15 minutes longer to get ready in the morning. That makes up for it, right?

5.) It’s just a sign that we’ll be closer to the ocean!:
Colorado is so landlocked, but good news: global warming is helping! You can tell by the way the snow isn’t falling. How exciting: a beach just that much closer to CU. The world may be slowly dying, but warm weather and a shorter road trip to the coast is pretty much worth it.

4.) You don’t feel cozy all the time:
There’s just something unappealing about looking out a window and knowing you’re shielded from the elements. That you’re safe, and warm. The same feeling makes someone want to perhaps slip on some fuzzy socks, or a robe. In the current dry weather, that urge is not present. When it doesn’t snow, you can just stick to being either uncomfortably chilly or uncomfortably warm, and deal with it. You don’t have to deal with the crippling desire to be cozy.

3.) You feel obligated to wait to keep the pounds off:
The lack-of-winter-clothing breeds a skinnier mindset, and don’t we all love restricting our diets because we can’t just throw a winter coat on? Especially with finals coming up, the warm weather has really decreased stress eating habits. And isn’t that just what everyone loves: a reason not to stuff their face.

2.) The bears haven’t gone into hibernation:
Yay! We still may have a chance to see our furry friends during nightly walks from the Hill back to campus. It’s just the beauty of nature. Being in Boulder, Colorado, we only invested in this scary reality. And besides, you’ll only get to your dorm faster, given there’s still a chance of being attacked by a 240-pound beast of fury.

1.) You haven’t been forced to stay in for inclement weather:
One thing is for sure: CU students are not lazy individuals. They don’t have time to take snow days. Especially when it comes time for important dates, like finals. But in general, the student body is way beyond that. They would much rather go to class, rather than spend it indoor all day – drinking.

The snow can keep taking its merry time. Us CU students will celebrate the time that we don’t get to snowboard or make a snowman. Its ugliness and tranquility is only inconvenient, and we would much rather see trees with no leaves and yellow grass. In the true essence of holiday spirit: Don’t let it snow, don’t let it snow, don’t let it snow.


Yeah, we’ve all got D.A.D.S., just maybe not the kind you were thinking of:


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