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We Infiltrated CSU Facebook Groups And Honestly, We Expected Worse

We thought it would be so easy – a childish task, if you will. Little did we know, infiltrating the enemy camp was actually kind of a bitch. We (attempted) to join about five “Class of” groups, and were rejected from most. If CSU was as good at keeping Buffs out of their end zone as they are keeping them out of their Facebook pages, they’d probably win the Rocky Mountain Showdown more often.When it was all said and done, we only got into two of them (that’s what the Ram said).      

We tried to think of some clever stuff to say in the pages that would get some Rams to comment juicy writing material without getting our ass handed to us.  Here’s what went down:

The bastard. Trying to expose us like some writer seeking to be inspired. If we were secret agents, he would be receiving a note in the mail that specifically spills the beans and then says “..and now I have to kill you” just for dramatic affect.

Instead of doing something unethical, we just lied. May as well make someone happy, and we ended up getting a couple likes on our transferring post, so that’s cool.

 After that big failure, we moved onto the next group and it was a little more successful. (But when it came time to write this article, we were kicked out of the goddamn group. It was either the group admins that pulled that move or the “it” girls from high school that went to CSU and reported us.)

The responses were varied: there was the salt bae gif (clever and respectable), or “sheer disappointment” (a bad PG-13 joke), and of course the comment “pineapple.” Gotta say, the response was probably just as bad as how pineapples actually taste on pizza. We were picturing some epic roasts, something that might even make us the taddest bit interested in transferring.

After above being small inspiration, we tried another group:

Whoever is telling the CSU student body that Buffs like pineapples on pizza is just false. First of all, they could have said something true – like money, climbers, or kombucha- it would have been applicable and funny. Second of all, we put straight success on our pizza because here at CU, you are what you eat.

After going on this journey to get under the enemies’ skin, we have decided that we will not be trying to do it ever again. Unless we infiltrate a better, more comical University. We were under the impression that the Rams would be more like their Buff counterpart – ready to rip their competitors a new one every chance possible. It turns out that this group of people is especially tame and surprisingly quiet. Could it be they were just scared to share the truth? Maybe they were too busy farming to see the post? Anything is possible at this point. Until next time, CU spies.


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