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7 Typical-Freshman Thoughts Every Baby Buff Has When Returning for Spring Semester

The second semester of freshman year is filled with so many exhilarating moments and opportunities. Who knows what will happen? Will you find love? A subject you’re passionate about? Will you overall just suck less? So much is in store, and as baby Buffs come from all across the country to continue their education, they’re left to ponder what may be. So, here’s a list of some thoughts freshman at CU have contemplated as they return to their home.

7.) I can’t wait to get faded with my Buff family again.:
Sure, it was fun getting having mixed drinks and playing board games with your cousins, aunts, and grandparents over break, but they’re chugging game isn’t as strong as your floormates’ – and you’ve been deprived of some good old college binge drinking. It’s finally time to join in some camaraderie with your friends, and belt “Closer” from the top of your lungs, because that’s what Buffs do.

6.) I wonder if the RAs actually went into my room.:
After walking into your room for the first time in a month, the space is almost too familiar. Did anyone even come in here? Was the checklist we had annoying meetings for just some sick prank? you frantically wonder after scanning the room to see if your stash of condoms or the bong hid (expertly hidden in piles of bubble wrap) was meddled with. But alas, nothing. You may never know if the RAs did their duty, but you do know you can still blow mad clouds.

5.) Oh wow, [insert name here] from across the hall is gone.:
While having a new floormate is exciting, you can’t help but wonder where that other person went. We’re they kicked out? Or even worse – transfer to CSU? You’ll probably never see them again, but you may cherish those awkward moments you shared: brushing your teeth next to each other in silence, or making uncomfortable eye contact as you passed them in the hallway. It’s time to move on, and hope [insert name here] finds what they’re looking for.

4.) I have to actually start doing stuff again.
The month-long break that CU offers is luxurious, but also makes the transition from sitting on your butt, back to school — troubling. Walking to class? Doing homework? Going to meetings and office hours? The relationship you had with your bed over break just had a heartbreaking ending, and there seems to be something else you have to dedicate your time to — not being a lazy fuck.

3.) I HAVE to get better grades this semester.:
Doesn’t everyone? You may try and try, some students will fail, and others will succeed. While you HAVE to get better grades, are you willing to put in the work that it takes? Can you overcome your Netflix and wine addiction? “Better grades” are so much easier said than done. We all know you’ll just half-ass everything like you did last semester, and hope for a different result.

2.) I actually get to wake up to a beautiful landscape.:
The CU student body is diverse, but one thing every student can agree on is that the Flatirons are a blessing from the good Lord himself. No more waking up to boring grass fields, or concrete cities saturated in gum and fecal matter. Now it’s just you, and the mountains. Something about those huge slabs of sandstone just turn Boulderites on, and that is always something to be excited about returning to.

1.) Skooooo.:
Seriously, just sko. As memories of first semester flood the minds of returning freshman, we can all agree that CU is some odd, hippy piece of heaven on earth, and just being here is a reason to be joyful and thankful. Got up on time today? Sko buffs. The cute boy from last night texted you back? SKO BUFFS. You have 2 packages in the UPS store? Sko buffs. You got hella baked last night and passed out while eating Funyuns? SKOOOOOO. Sko buffs, because CU is just so frickin’ sweet, bruh. Sko, sko, sko, sko. Sko.

People experience freshman year only one time in their life, so make this second semester definitely last longer than you can in bed. Sophomore year is approaching quickly, and we all can’t lose sight of the charm that makes CU so sick. So, freshmen, enjoy the overwhelming thoughts about going back to school, because soon enough it’ll be summer and we’ll all be hot as balls, wishing we were back at school.


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