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Girl Wears Bangles in Order of Importance of Who Gave Them to Her

University of Delaware sophomore Christy Perry uses the popular jewelry brand Alex and Ani to systemize her affections towards her loved ones. The education major reportedly has seven of the bracelets, each representing a friend, family member, or past lover who gave it to her, and wears them in the order of how much she values them as a human being.


“The ones farther up my arm are for the important people, since you know its closer to my heart and all,” explains Perry, “The ones closer to my hand are for people that are kind of like meh since I cant HAND-le them, haha.”


People that are farther up on the totem pole of Perry’s arm include her current boyfriend, one of her friends whom she really likes, and her neighbor she had a crush on. In the middle of the list is a bracelet given to her by her dad.


“I like my dad; I mean he’s okay,” explains Perry, “he gave me a crown one, which is kind of an embarrassing shape, but I guess since he’s the reason that I’m born and he pays for like all my stuff he gets to be number four.”


Perry reportedly stays consistent to her ranking system, even in situations where charms don’t look good next to one another.


“I had to put one of those half best friend heart ones that my freshman year roommate gave me back when we still talked next to an infinity knot that my ex boyfriend gave me. Those two are both dangly and they keep getting stuck to each other but they need to be close to my hand. I cant stand either of them so why should they get to enjoy space on my upper arm?”

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