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UD Agriculture and Milburn Orchards Create ‘Pumpkin Spiced Pumpkins’

Local pumpkin patch Milburn Orchards is teaming up with the UD Agriculture Department to create a new species of pumpkin called a “Pumpkin Spice Pumpkin.” Due to the overwhelming demand for all things pumpkin spiced, Milburn Orchards has decided to end the competition by pumpkin spicing their own pumpkins.

Recently, the sales department at Milburn Orchards noticed that their most common visitors – sorority girls – wouldn’t really buy much in the stores. “We have researched that the ‘Sorority Girl Syndrome,’ known as a desire for all things pumpkin spice, was really putting a damper in our sales. We just don’t really sell anything pumpkin spiced,” Kelsey O’Harris, head of the sales department, stated.

O’Harris continued to tell The Black Sheep about the pumpkin spice debacle – “One time we did sell something pumpkin-y – they were pumpkin-scented candles. They even came with their own pair of L.L. Bean boots. The bundle was roughly $200, due to the boots, but they were sold out within seconds of our first stock.”

Dr. Spencer Williams, a researcher assistant in Wolf Hall, discussed with us what his expectations and plans are out of this project. “What we really want is just an extra-pumpkin-y pumpkin, basically. We plan on breeding pumpkins to have twice as much pumpkin-y pumpkin to them while also having them smell a little cinnamon-y and spice-y. “

Williams explained the process in creating the pumpkins: “We will soak fertilized pumpkin seeds in Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Frappuccinos and pumpkin-spiced maple icing. From there, we will plant them in pumpkin-spiced fertilizer made from the manure of our pumpkin spiced cows. We will sprinkle pumpkin spices on top of the fertilizer every day until the pumpkins begin to show signs of growing. From there, we just wait!”

Milburn and the university have high expectations for this project, as do the visitors of the pumpkin patch. Local sorority member Jennifer Newton commented on the project, saying she “can’t even wait for these pumpkins! I want to be the first one in line to Instagram a picture of me sitting on one of them!” Newton has reportedly been sorting through her puffy vests to get ready.

O’Harris is hopeful about this event, saying “if this project worked out the way we planned it to, we will be the most profitable pumpkin business ever. Starbucks has even started to send us supportive letters for our project, saying something along the lines of ‘take down this project now or we are coming after you.’ How sweet!”

The pumpkins are expected to be ready for viewing and picture-taking by September 2016. A line has already formed outside of the pumpkin patch for those who want to be the first viewers of these new pumpkins, despite the 11-month wait.

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