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Top 8 Things To Do To Fit In at UD


Do you ever walk around campus and notice that everyone at UD looks like a carbon copy of one other? Students dress the same, act the same, and sometimes even sound the same. Conforming to society isn’t something that happens overnight. The Black Sheep, however, has come up with 8 ways for you to do exactly that in no time!


8.) Reserve Your Thursday, Friday And Saturday Nights For Getting Drunk On Main Street or At A House Party:
Grotto’s is definitely a go-to for when you want to Snapchat your BFF’s your slater races with the cute boy you just met. Or maybe mix it up with a keg stand at a Saturday morning dage on Cleveland!


7.) Have A Raspy Voice:
It is an unwritten rule in every UD sorority’s handbook to recruit at least one girl with an extremely raspy voice. If you’re having a hard time getting into the sorority of your dreams, do whatever you can to acquire a raspy voice and you’re in. Then you can bond with your fellow raspy voice sisters. Word on the street is Kappa Kappa Starbucks is losing their “raspy voice girl” because she is graduating this spring. Look out Spring rush!


6.) Buy A Cheap-Ass Choker From Claire’s:
UD students have been seen swarming Christiana Mall’s Claire’s to buy them. Also, maybe if it’s tight enough around your neck it could help give you that raspy voice.


5.) Use A Lily Pulitzer Planner:
Afterward you’ll experience some buyer’s remorse and have to convince yourself that purchasing a school planner for $30 is totally worth it, but it sure will come in handy when you have to keep track of all the people you’ve hooked up with; and you’ll never miss another STD screening at the UD Health Center!


4.) Shove People Out Of The Way To Get Your Table In Trabant:
Walk around Trabant with your suspicious looking fruit and $4 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and push and shove other people out of the way any time you see someone getting up from a table.


3.) Buy A Marble Phone Case and Laptop Case:
Marble is in this year at UD. Marble phone cases, marble laptop cases, and facial expressions similar to that of a distraught marble statue when you see how long the line is at the Starbucks in Smith are all the rage.


2.) Own A Macbook and An iPhone:
Nothing is more embarrassing then whipping out your giant Dell laptop in your mass communications class in one of the Smith lecture halls full of MacBook Airs. Sure, MacBook’s are extremely overpriced and most people argue they have significantly less features than most PC’s, but you can put your marble case on it!


1.) Have A Near-Fatal Asthma Attack After Walking Up The Stairs In Willard Hall:
Instead of low-key feeling a little out of breath, make sure to talk to your friends about how you feel like you’re going to pass out while walking to your French class on the third floor. For added effect, dramatically clutch your chest and fall to the ground, Gary Johnson style.


College can be a scary and intimidating place, why go through it alone when you can experience it with hundreds of other clones? Use these 8 helpful tips to make sure that you don’t stick out like a sore thumb at the University of Delaware this year.






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