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The 5 Most F***ed Up Things to Actually Happen at DePaul

Like putting pineapple on pizza, DePaul has not been left out when it comes to being the center of a controversy. From chalk to literal shit, here are the five most messed up things to actually happen at this so-called institution of higher learning.

5.) DePaul Drinks:
Ah, 2011 — the golden age of dubstep. It was also, apparently, the golden age of Lincoln Ave, if the existence of a particular website called DePaul Drinks is any indication. The now non-existent site would keep students updated on the best places to get hammered near campus. The crowning jewel was probably their “DePaul Drunks” section, which allowed people to share photos of their inebriated peers. The website was met with much controversy from folks who didn’t want the good name of St Vincent DePaul smeared by a bunch of belligerent college kids. But all good things must come to an end, and as surely as Irish Eyes is now carding (and empty), DePaul Drinks is defunct.

4.) Consent The D:
A few years back, several student activists (which doesn’t really narrow it down as far as the general student body goes) created a t-shirt for sexual assault awareness, which read “Consent The D” — a play on a popular shirt that stated “Fear The D” in reference to the Blue Demons. Some people thought it was funny and effective, others found the shirts offensive. Turns out, you can’t please everyone.

3.) Affirmative Action Bake Sale:
Once upon a time, the DePaul Republicans caused a stir. No, really. They decided to throw an affirmative action bake sale, where students of color would pay less for baked goods than white students, and where women would pay less than men. Naturally, more than a few students didn’t like the idea, and the school put a stop to it. Upon investigating the matter further, though, DePaul determined that it wasn’t in violation of any of its policies. No word on if the bake sale ever actually happened or if the brownies were delicious, though. Look, if you want donuts, just go to the Dunkin’ under the Fullerton stop. Mmm, a long john drizzled in L-juice. Nice.

2.) The Milo Yiannopoulos Thing:
If it makes Fox News, it has to be fake, right? In the words of the Donald, “wrong!” This apparently newsworthy event occurred last spring, when the DePaul Republicans invited controversial speaker Milo Yiannopoulos to campus. He didn’t actually get to say anything controversial upon his arrival, though, because student activists snatched his mic and packed the Student Center so full that it had to shut down for the rest of day. DePaul took a public beating from strangers and students alike for not better controlling the protestors and giving Milo the opportunity to speak. As a result, the school was on the receiving end of hundreds of one-star reviews on Facebook, and is now number one on a list of the worst schools for free speech. On the bright side, it’s probably the only “top ten” list DePaul will ever make.

1.) The Shit Filled Sock:
Sure, riding the L is always a little… shitty. One student from the area probably means that literally. The 21 year old student was minding her own business on the train when a man, whom she did not know, threw a shit-filled sock at her. So next time you catch someone shooting up heroin on the train, or a lady on the platform screams at you to suck a dick, be grateful that they’re not throwing their feces at you.

It was difficult to narrow it down to only five, but it was done out of necessity – this is DePaul, after all. Our readers probably don’t have the best attention spans. What’s the most controversial thing you’ve seen happen at DePaul? Tweet us at @BlackSheep_DPU and let us know.


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