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7 Reasons Why The Quarter System Totally Rocks!!


We here at The Black Sheep have Blue Demon pride! What better way to exercise our school pride than to talk about DePaul’s totally kickin’ quarter system!? Here are 7 reasons why the quarter system rocks hard!

7.) It is impossible to leave DePaul!:
Any traitors looking to leave DePaul are going to have a real hard time. The quarter system makes sure you’re stuck at DePaul forever. Try going to an institution that works on semesters, see just how hard they laugh and spit in your face. Have a family emergency which requires you to transfer to a school closer to home? Too bad, dickhead!

6.) It can also be called a trimester system and pregnancy is radical:
What’s another name for a quarter system? That’s right, a trimester system. What other system uses the word trimester? The birth system. Just the fact that the quarter system can share terms with the miraculous process of life creation is pretty dang cool.

5.) DePaul is so progressive, it’s regressive:
DePaul is one of the top 25 most innovative schools in the United States. At least that’s what that big poster in the Loop says. DePaul is so progressive that it has reached the other end of the horseshoe and regressed to an archaic system. If you ask us, being that progressive is pretty frickin’ sweet.

4.) It makes us totally unique:
Who uses a semester system? That’s right, literally everyone else. We are so unique and special here at DePaul it’s incredible! You’re totally distinguishable from your peers now!

3.) Really long winter break?:
Here’s the thing, it seems like you have a really long winter break, but you actually don’t. People who go to different schools are super jealous even though our winter break is maybe like a week longer than theirs. Really the jealousy factor is all that matters here.

2.) Federal holidays = fun DePaul school days:
Isn’t it awesome that when other schools have to take federal holidays off we get to go to school? Other kids have to spend all day sitting around and watching Fraggle Rock. DePaul students get to gain knowledge at classes like LSP 122 or whatever lame shit you took this quarter.

1.) A late summer is a good summer:
You know how every other school finishes around the beginning of may? Well DePaul’s got two words for you: Mid June. Yeah, read it and weep state schools. You get to remain in the safe confines of DePaul for an extra month and a half while your peers get sun cancer.

Clearly, the benefits of the quarter (trimester) system far outweigh those of the semester system. Eat shit semester kids, the quarter system rules!

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