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Top 6 A** Tats That Commemorate Your Magical Experience at DePaul

DePaul students are known for lacking in school spirit but thankfully, they’re masters in doing things they regret (cough). One of the most regrettable things, at least in your loving mother’s eyes, is getting a tattoo. But no fear! You can kill two pigeons with one stone and get a tattoo to disappoint your mother and level up your school spirit at the same time! Here’s some super cool ideas for DePaul-inspired tattoos to never forget where you came from sort of:

6.) DIBS Eating a Chicago-style Hot Dog:
No skimping on the toppings! If you’re down to ink some vibrant color onto those pale butt cheeks of yours, this is the tattoo for you! The leery gaze of DIBS biting down into a Chicago hot dog is the perfect way to pay homage to your favorite mascot and Devil Dawgs, where you’ve either passed out, thrown up, or cried — and not necessarily in that order. 

5.) The Entire Student Handbook Written in Papyrus:
Nothing says school spirit like an unadulterated love for the rules that The Man and The Institution bores onto you! The student handbook is every DePaul student’s favorite light evening reading. Cast aside your smutty Father H fanfictions and double down on your commitment to being a Depaulian 4 Lyfe by tattooing the student handbook onto that soft, supple bum of yours – and in Papyrus, everyone’s favorite font! It will really add the historical Egypt vibe you need in a tattoo.

4.) The Greek Letters to a Frat You Don’t Belong To:
FIJI isn’t just a pretentious brand of water, they’re also one of DePaul’s most prized on-campus organizations. Maybe you rushed a frat and weren’t accepted because you were too socially progressive for them, or maybe you just want to fit in with your high school friends at University of Iowa. Either way, the best way to remember your time at DePaul and live up to the status quo is by getting the Greek letters for Sigma Alpha Epsilon tattooed across those buns.

3.) Every Iteration of Your Campus Connect Password Throughout the Quarters:
Aren’t you glad nobody has ever hacked your Campus Connect account? If you’re #thankful, you can chalk it up to all the times Campus Connect has made you change your password over the quarters. You probably have 32 different variations of the same password with varying punctuation marks and capitalization patterns. To help you remember and cherish your time at DePaul as your grow older, plaster those passwords all up on your derriere.

2.) The Dates of St. Vincent’s Birth and Death in Roman Numerals:
Nothing classes up the junk in the trunk like some cla$$y a$$ roman numerals!!! The nice thing about this tattoo is that it’s almost as ambiguous to the untrained eye as Chinese characters. The regular street dweller wouldn’t know the difference between your birthday from St. Vincent’s birthday or the day your dad left. Just slap a few Vs, Xs, and Is next to each other and you’re all set.

1.) Your Favorite Ranch Worker’s Name:
Ranch did a bang-up job destroying your digestive system, so you probably should leave a tombstone-esque dedication next to your asshole, R.I.P. Thank Roger at Ranch for all he’s done for you and his dank ass chicken bacon ranch sandwiches.

We hope to see those keisters plastered with blue demon spirit this buns-out season!

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