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Should You Apply to Become an RA or an OL? Take this Quiz to Find Out Why You’re Unqualified for Both

Shit! The year is almost over and you’re still broke! While you could always pray to get mowed down by any of the reckless drivers in luxury cars in the surrounding area, let’s get real: even if they did hit you, you’d probably still end up paying for it.

Think all hope is lost? Wrong again! On account of all of the RA’s and Orientation Leaders mysteriously disappearing, the jobs are yours for the taking! However, before you apply, you must take this mandatory questionnaire to determine whether or not you’re up for either job.

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Should You Apply to Become an RA or an OL? Take this Quiz to Find Out Why You're Unqualified for Both %%personality%%

Know anyone at one of these schools? 
Refer a friend for a marketing job, get $100 if they’re hired! 

Michigan – $300 Referral Bounty
Iowa State – $300 Referral Bounty
Minnesota – $300 Referral Bounty
New Hampshire – $300 Referral Bounty
Syracuse – $300 Referral Bounty 
Ole Miss – $300 Referral Bounty
Indiana – $300 Referral Bounty
Texas A&M CC- $300 Referral Bounty
Colorado State – $300 Referral Bounty 
UAB – $300 Referral Bounty
Kansas – $100 Bounty
Mississippi State – $100 Bounty
Mizzou – $100 Bounty
Penn State – $100 Bounty
SUNY Oswego – $100 Bounty
Auburn – $100 Bounty
UNCW – $100 Bounty
Wyoming – $100 Bounty
NC State – $100 Bounty
SLU/WASU – $100 Bounty
Portland – $100 Bounty
Slippery Rock – $100 Bounty
UMass – $100 Bounty
Michigan State – $100 Bounty
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