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If DePaul Dorms Were Your Ex-Girlfriend

DePaul’s incredibly diverse student body allows for the opportunity to encounter new, and different people every time you so much as walk to class. In reflection of the student body, each of our residence halls here in Lincoln Park seem to embody a personality of their own, as well. Some may have a hard time differentiating between which  residence hall is which, which is why we at The Black Sheep are here to the rescue, again. In celebration of couple season, here are the residence halls as your ex-girlfriends.

Belden-Racine Hall:



This is the girl you’re not entirely sure still exists. Like, you vaguely remember her being fun to be around, but it’s been a while, and no one really talks about her anymore. Do you still have her number? Probably not. She threw some great parties, you think.


Clifton-Fullerton Hall:



Classic case of “the burbs” gone awry. This girl was too expensive looking for you, and you were reminded of that fact every time you were with her. People looked at you like you didn’t deserve her company. In fact, she looked at you like you didn’t deserve it. Being with her was a foreign feeling, kind of like sleeping in a hotel you know you can’t afford or sneaking into a wedding and eating the food at said hotel.


Seton Hall:



This is the girl you dumped purely because of social pressure. Your friends thought she was gross, and you were getting tired of justifying your relationship to them. So, you made up some “it’s not you, it’s me” speech, and that’s why you’re not together anymore. You secretly miss her, and know she’s underrated. 

University Hall:



U-Hall, as you nostalgically, call her, was your first girlfriend. She was really nice, genuinely sweet, and you’re always comparing your other girlfriends to her. You can’t exactly recall why you guys broke up, but it might have had something to do with her haunting past. Either way, she’s still the gold standard to which many girlfriends down the line will resent you for holding them to.

Corcoran Hall:



You pretty much pretend this girl never existed. She’s disgusting, was on a different drug practically every weekend, and hung around a pretty sketchy crowd. When your friends bring her up at the bar she used to hang around, a tinge of regret stings your stomach. Nowadays, she lives somewhere behind the train.

Munroe Hall:



She was the social butterfly. You had trouble keeping up with her, as she was way too extroverted. Everyday spent with her was just plain exhausting. You guys are better off as friends with benefits, as you can only really handle her in small doses.

Next time your friend mentions they lived in Corcoran their freshman year, you now know it may be your turn to pick up the bar tab in an attempt to remedy their pain. Dated anyone resembling these residence halls? Tweet us @blacksheep_dpu and let us know which hall your ex reminds you of the most!

Need something to take your mind off your ex-girlfriend? Listen to our podcast, with guest Sexual Jumanji!

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