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Could Someone Please Explain the Taco Lady in the Stu?

An alleged Student Center employee has been seen handing out tacos to DePaul students and staff on random weekday afternoons for the past three quarters. The elusive Taco Lady has been spotted in the same corner near Ranch multiple times by The Black Sheep staff writers and curious students, but her origins and intentions remain mostly unknown at this time.

“I was really confused at first,” said Student Center employee Austin Willkie. “No one ever really told us why she arrived. I’m not even sure someone interviewed her. She just walked in one day, set up her little stand, sold tacos for a little while, then left.”

The Taco Lady has been seen during weekday lunch periods in the same exact spot near Ranch, but never any days on the weekends or any time late at night. However, some students and faculty have noticed some odd behavior on behalf of the new food cart attendee.

“I feel like I only see her at the weirdest of times,” said Gavin Parks, a freshman Seton Hall resident. “Yeah she’s in the Stu sometimes, but I feel like I’ve seen her other places. I honestly thought I saw her walking down the hall one night when I was going to the bathroom in Seton.”

Along with multiple sightings in resident halls and other DePaul University buildings, students and faculty have also reported seeing the Taco Lady seemingly disappear after turning around corners, appear transparent and, on one occasion, levitate three corn tortillas onto a plate.

“I know that I’m alone when I’m closing the place up at night, but sometimes things just don’t feel right,” said Austin Willkie. “I mean, I’ve always kind of felt a presence of some sort… but I guess I always thought it was St. Vinny or something.”

The Taco Lady’s spooky antics are odd to say the least. Still, students and faculty who have reportedly eaten the Taco Lady’s food have had generally positive experiences. “I’ll be damned if they weren’t the best tacos I’ve ever had in my entire life,” said Sandy McPherson, a communications professor at DePaul. “Chipotle has nothing on this lady. Her salsa actually made my eyes tear up and not because it was too spicy… but when I wiped the tears from my eyes, she was gone.”

In spite of the Taco Lady’s wondrous ability to feed hungry DePaul students with dangerously good carne asada tacos, some students have not taken kindly to the Taco Lady’s odd work schedule. “Hey, I love tacos at lunch just as much as the next guy,” said Gavin Parks. “But this lady’s got to start materializing at better times or something.”

The circumstances behind the Student Center’s new addition to its staff are shrouded in mystery. The Taco Lady seems to come and go whenever she pleases, and often without warning. However, in spite of her enigmatic presence on campus, one thing is for certain: The Taco Lady’s tacos are a welcome addition to an otherwise bland list of options at the Student Center, but the circumstances behind her appearance remain a mystery.

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