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DePaul Student Finds Holtschneider’s Old Myspace Profile


Most students at DePaul have old profiles on the Internet that they would prefer no one ever saw. Whether it’s because you don’t want people to know about your scene phase in middle school, or because you want to keep up the appearance that you were always as hot as you are now, you for sure would not want anyone to ever see your embarrassing past that lives forever on Myspace. This is also true for some of the staff and faculty here at DePaul University. In fact, one freshman who was cruising around the web trying to find his classmates old Myspace profiles found the profile of none other than Rev. Dennis Holtschneider or “xXSt.Vinny’sDennyXx,” as he went by on his profile. We caught up with Sam Isler, the student who found the profile, to get the inside scoop.


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The Black Sheep: What can you tell us about Holtschneider’s profile?

Isler: First of all, this guy was crazy popular on Myspace. He was even friends with Tom (the founder of Myspace); Tom was on his top 8 in the number 5 spot.


TBS: So who else was on his Top 8?

Isler: Mostly other Vincentian Priests. Also Brendon Urie from Panic! At The Disco.  


TBS: That’s quite the impressive list. Tell us about the actual profile.

Isler: Well, of course he went with the classic black text on a black background. This made it pretty hard to read what he was posting. It mostly seemed like a mix of Bible passages and My Chemical Romance lyrics. He had a ton of pictures of himself which were mostly mirror selfies using his digital camera. The pictures had a lot of comments on them such as: “wow, you’re so hottt <3” and  “How do I get as smexi as you :3” and  “I love your hair!!!!!!1111!!!!” and “I love you 5evar!!! Tacos xD so random!!!”


TBS: So Holtschneider seemed to have an interesting taste in music, is that evident on his page?

Isler: Oh yeah, as soon as you get to the page, “Welcome to The Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance plays followed by a playlist that includes everything from Gregorian chants to Demi Lovato’s “Don’t Forget.”  


TBS: So, do you think that this profile really represented 2007 Dennis Holtschneider?

Isler: I think that there is a lot more to the man that is currently running our school than meets the eye. I think that this Myspace profile really is a way to look into the soul of a man who loves education, Catholicism, and pop punk. I probably wouldn’t have been friends with him but I was like 12 at the time and he was a middle aged man.


The beautiful thing about the Internet is that it stays around forever. Years from now, we will all look back at our Facebooks, Twitters, Tumblrs and the like and wonder what were we thinking when we posted the things that we did. The important thing to remember is that we all have a pathetic past on the Internet, but it is important that we can go back and laugh at ourselves in the future.


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