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Best Bar Specials For Every Night of the Week at ECU


Everyone at ECU knows with finals approaching, things can get stressful at times. Don’t let this get you down! There are so many drink options to fuel your ignition to hurry and get the semester over with; East Carolina is very easily accommodated.


On Mondays:

Hello Mug Night! Pay your nice neighbors at Sup Dogs a visit and even bring your own mug to make the night more personable! You can distress for just three or five dollars. (You might need more depending on the stress level of your day). Each draft beer you fill your mug with, you’re just paying a dollar per drink. 


On Tuesdays:

It’s dolla night at Halfway House! Come check out the party at the legendary Twisted Tuesdays. Another night where every beer is a dollar, not to mention every sort of drink at that matter. If you’re feeling like you need to wind down and just take a visit to paradise, you wont find that in this bar. However, there are many tropical shots you can buy for just a dollar that will make you feel like you’re on that island you’ve been waiting to get to after finals are over.


On Wednesdays:

The fiesta never stops at Mi Cabana. Margaritas are only a few steps away from campus and on Wednesdays you can get them at crazy loco (we mean low) prices. Who wouldn’t want a house margarita of any flavor, for just $2.99? Luckily the tequila eventually make you forget about how your Org Chem final the next morning.


On Thursdays:

Thirsty Thursdays at 5th Street. Plus it’s Ladies Night basically everywhere downtown so all ladies get in free! (Because lets not forget it’s way more stressful being a lady, we need the extra break every once in a while). Fortunately for all of ECU, drinks are super cheap, lady or no lady. At 5th you can get dollar bottles which means you can drink with class, go get a few Stellas and show the world that you weren’t that crying wreck in your Math 1065 final earlier. Own it!


On Fridays:

Ladies Night again at Stilllife! Yes ladies, you need two ladies nights sometimes and this is the bar for get your groove on at on Fridays. With free cover, this can make the price and necessities of Fish Bowls even more worth it. Paying $10 for a fish bowl can seem steep at times, but when there’s no cover to get into the bar, hop on in that thing and swim around like you’re in the ocean! Beware, just like in the club, there are sharks that live in the ocean and with one too many Fish Bowls you may mistake them for dolphins. Always use protective goggles.


On Saturdays:

Specials at every bar downtown! With all of the bars downtown within walking proximity to each other, why not just go to them all? Arrive before 11 p.m. and you’ll have free entry, not to mention every bar will have some sort of drink special that also looks out for your wallet. But always remember to be careful. Saturday nights are the craziest nights to go out sometimes and with a crazy environment, brings on crazy shot buying. Don’t be the guy who leaves at the end of the night with a $90 tab. Your weekend of unwinding from finals turns into a weekend of searching for change through your old pants pockets to buy Gatorade to cure the hangover the next morning. Not worth the headache or the embarrassment.


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