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Best Places to Party on Halloweekend: As Told by ECU Students


This weekend is one of the most important weekends of the year for a Pirate. For some it’s your first time experiencing the beauty of Halloweekend at ECU, for others this is your last year as a student here, which doesn’t necessarily mean your last time here for Halloween (let’s be honest, we seniors all plan to visit for years to come). But for all the hype surrounding our Halloween festivities, there’s no guide out there about what to expect at each hot spot around campus. We took to the streets and interviewed seasoned partiers and freshman alike to gather stories and tips on the best places to party this holiday to ensure you have a wild Halloweekend. Enjoy!




“Riverwalk… Okay, hear me out. So you walk in with your crew and you think you’re like, at a football tailgate or something… I mean it’s a familiar site, shit ton of people drinking and going crazy, but everyone’s in costume and acting insane. Anything goes, every house has like sixty kegs at least, and people lose their damn minds.”  – Ross Realistic


“I literally saw a guy dressed as the Pope smash a stop sign through a car’s windshield. Riverwalk is reckless, no, ridiculous.”  – Kelly Killjoy


The Grid



“Grid party hopping is like trick-or-treating. The trick is consuming as much free alcohol you can get your hands on, and the treat is once the house gets too crowded, there’s another party two doors down who left the bowl of candy on their porch.”  – Marshall McStickyFinger


“Walk into any grid party during Halloweek acting like you own the house. You are hosting your own fun and no one can tell you otherwise.”  – Sarah Jessica Slay


“If you are having a grid party, rent a storage unit for the week where you can store all of your belongings and your mind before you lose it.”  – Rob Steele




“If you’re not 21, please don’t come, because like overcapacity and stuff. Your time will come, and plus you probably won’t be able to handle it anyway.”  – Mona Lot


“It’s like Mardi Gras without the open container laws.”  – Bryson Brownbag


“G-Vegas completely ruined my costume last year. Don’t bring any props, such as walking sticks for three blind mice.”  – Terry Serious


Apartment Complexes



They’re all poppin’, but mostly pregame oriented. The big parties are closer to campus.”  – Sam Stoner


“Don’t hang from the decks at Copper Beech. I witnessed this one guy last Halloween fall off the deck and land right on his back. It was really scary and I don’t think those decks should hold more than like 20 people tops.”  – Donna Drama


During Halloween at ECU, the rum is never gone, the festivities never cease, and Waldo is hopefully nowhere to be found! Good luck everyone and may the odds of not getting a drinking ticket be ever in your favor.


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