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Kanye West Quotes to Inspire You for Finals

Finals season is here, which means that most students are now studying for the first time this semester. And as they study, many of them lose faith in themselves, so they give up too quickly. But do you know who never loses faith in himself? Kanye West. Kanye West would never let anything, not even finals, bring him down. Some of Kanye West’s most inspirational quotes can help you get through these hard times.


10.) “I will go down as the voice of a generation.”:
And you too can go down as the voice of a generation as well, if you try your best. You may not be remembered for ages if you get a C+ on your test, but if you draw a huge dick in the graph portion, your teacher sure will!


9.) “I am so credible and so influential and so relevant that I will change things.”:
Repeat this to yourself in the mirror right before you go into that physics exam. You’re going to ace it.


8.) “Respect my trendsetting abilities. Once you do that, everyone wins.”:
Remember, Kanye West’s trendsetting abilities wouldn’t be what they are if he didn’t study for finals. Although we suppose that’s not technically accurate, since Kanye West dropped out of college in order to pursue his music career. Anyway, stay in school, kids.


7.) “I feel like I’m too busy writing history to read it.”:
This is a great attitude to have during finals, unless you’re a history major, of course.


6.) “I am Warhol! I am the number one most impactful artist of our generation. I am Shakespeare in the flesh.”:
Be Shakespeare in the flesh, then you’ll have no problem with that English essay.


5.) “When someone comes up and says something like, ‘I am a god,’ everybody says ‘Who does he think he is?’ I just told you who I thought I was. A god. I just told you.”:
While you sit there studying and telling yourself you’re not good enough, Kanye West is explaining to people that he’s a god. Don’t just be good enough. Be god enough.


4.) “As a man I am flawed, but my music is perfect.”:
Just as Kanye said George Bush doesn’t care about black people, Kanye doesn’t care about his personal shortcomings, as long as his music is perfect. And while you may also be flawed, your final exam scores don’t have to be.


3.) “I’m a pop enigma. I live and breathe every element in life. I rock a bespoke suit and I go to Harold’s for fried chicken. It’s all these things at once, because, as a tastemaker, I find the best of everything.”:
We’re not actually sure what Kanye West means in this quote, but we’re pretty sure it’s something that lacks any trace of humility. And that’s exactly the spirit you need in order to do well on finals.


2.) “I think what Kanye West is going to mean is something similar to what Steve Jobs means. I am undoubtedly, you know, Steve of Internet, downtown, fashion, culture. Period. By a long jump. I honestly feel that because Steve has passed, you know, it’s like when Biggie passed and Jay Z was allowed to become Jay Z.”:
If Kanye West can have this much self-confidence, then why can’t you? Get on over there to your CS exam and let your class know that you too will be the next Steve Jobs.


1.) “Kim doesn’t understand what a blessing I am to her.”:
Your professor should feel lucky you’re studying it and your teacher should feel blessed that you showed up to even look at that exam. Once you get in this mindset, there’s no chance you can fail – no matter what that grade says.

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