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The Sh*tty Sixteen of Sh*ttiest Things at ECU

 In honor of March Madness, we here at The Black Sheep decided to do brackets of our own. We’ve listed out and ranked the top sixteen shittiest things about our campus. So take a break from studying for that BIOL 1000 exam and join us in our bubble of hate.


Round 1:




#1 Printing Policy vs. #2 ECU WiFi

As shitty as it is paying for printing in the Austin Computer Lab and other labs now, it in no way compares to the unholy trinity of Bucaneer, Campus Living, and Pirates WiFi. More shitty to us during registration than the new printing policy.

Winner: ECU WiFi


#3 ECU Transit vs. #4 ECU Parking

As unreliable as the transit can be in regards to being too late at Mendenhall or too early at Christenbury, trying to find an open parking space near Mendenhall now with construction in the way just throws off your schedule all together.

Winner: ECU Parking


#5 Required Tuition Fees vs. #6 PiratePort Site

As complicated as the Pirate Port site is, especially after doing a complete 180 by not shutting down the simple OneStop site for ECU students to use, the long ass process of figuring out what those required fees are for just makes us angrier.

Winner: Required Tuition Fees


#7 ECU Eco-Friendly Sites vs. #8 Lack of Lighting at ECU

It’s hella pointless for ECU having their half-assed attempt with the very few recycling bins near Mendenhall and the Croatan. However, we get countless alerts from ECU about attack after attack. The blue lights on the purple stands on various corners are way too dim. ECU can do better.

Winner: Lack of Lighting at ECU


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#9 Joyner’s Floor vs. #10 Joyner’s Hours

The weekend hours are freaking ridiculous, but the amount of people that try to study in Joyner around finals is even more ridiculous. They need to quit taking up the Starbucks lines and the good couches near the entrance.

Winner: Joyner’s Floor


#11 Gen Ed Classes vs. #12 Brewster Building

Nothing sucks more than getting to college, ready to start your major, and then being told you have to take classes in The Student Rec before taking interesting classes…well, except Brewster, the most confusing academic building at ECU. Which hallway is B? Which is D?

Winner: Brewster Building


#13 Todd and West End Dining Halls vs. #14 ECU’s Construction

You heard us complain about construction enough times, but we tend to get mixed reviews about Todd’s choice in fruit, and West End’s choice in cereals…

Winner: Todd and West End Dining Halls


#15 Lack of Computer Labs vs. #16 ECU Dorms

If the computer labs at Austin, Mendenhall, Rivers, and Bate are full, you’re screwed. Gotta find that off-campus buddy, apartment complexes have better sources of printers. Then again, you’re also pretty screwed finding worms coming out of your shower in places like Garrett or Fleming.

Winner: ECU Dorms


Round 2:




#2 ECU WiFI vs. #4 ECU Parking

One could always have the option to walk to their destination in Greenville and ECU, however, because HEALTH 1000 is an online course half the time, and there are other online assignments to deal with, we don’t have the option to avoid the terrible, terrible WiFi.

Winner: ECU WiFi


#5 Required Tuition Fees vs. #8 Lack of Lighting

The notification of the required tuition fee on PiratePort just kills our souls, especially when they update it late. But what’s even worse is having a creeper on the loose and all that’s around is the dim blue lighting near Joyner or Brewster.

Winner: Lack of Lighting


#9 Joyner’s Floors vs. #12 Brewster

Sure, Brewster’s a hideous building, and ninety percent of the population can get lost in labyrinths there, but Joyner’s Floors are too crowded and hogged like we’re at a literal zoo. We know Greenville can’t afford nice zoos, but why waste your time in this cheap-ass one made by the students of ECU?

Winner: Joyner’s Floors.


#13 Todd and West End Dining Halls vs. #16 ECU Dorms

Hey, Todd and West End Dining Halls are only temporary. You’ll graduate and have the post grad diet of either ramen or sleep for dinner. The ECU Dorms are temporary too, but you’re still trapped into sharing a bathroom with others and trying to reserve a spot at North Campus Crossing or The Boundary off campus with no luck.

Winner: ECU Dorms


Round 3:




#2 ECU WiFi vs. #8 Lack of Lighting

We wish we could make a statement by saying lack of lighting is worse, but we’ve gotta be honest. We’ll get over the possible notion of attack, we can’t easily get over Pirate’s WiFi bars shifting and curving to no end, not letting us finish work, text, or tweet in between classes.

Winner: ECU WiFi


#9 Joyner’s Floors vs. #16 ECU Dorms

We’ll give Joyner this: they keep their floors spotless. Even with zoo animals running rampant to get through study halls, Starbucks, or the Faulkner Gallery, it manages to stay pretty nice. ECU dorms on the other hand, are not the cleanest. Scott and Tyler Hall still have nasty roach problems…no thanks.

Winner: ECU Dorms


Round 4:




#2 ECU WiFi vs. #16 ECU Dorms

So…which is worse? Living in your third choice dorm on the Hill? Or having Buccaneer quit on you just as you’re trying to turn in that quiz on Blackboard? Having to walk through filthy elevators in Fletcher? Or having to depend on an Ethernet cord because ITCS notification emails like to break your heart when Pirates or Campus Living is down? Because dorms are only for a year or two and ECU’s shitty WiFi lasts your entire college career, the winner of ECU’s shittiest thing is…


Winner: #2 ECU WiFi


Congratulations ECU WiFi for winning the shittiest thing at ECU! And may we all hope and pray it won’t be running at its shittiest throughout finals week!





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