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Connecticut Weather Proves Yet Again to Not Know What the Hell It’s Doing

Holy Jumping Jesse Tanner on a pogo stick!

Wednesday was absolutely beautiful. 50 degrees. Sun was out along with minimal guns (looking at you Rugby club). Hell, it was so nice out you could have went to the Willimantic Brewing Company and had a local IPA outside on the patio. You could have skipped class and listened to Migos discography with your roommates. It was a day of pure unadulterated bliss. In addition to all of that; Eastern canceled EARLY! It is like they knew commuters or sensible people were not going to drive in New England’s version of Fury Road.

6:30 AM Thursday.
No snow on the ground. Can it be? Did the weatherman LIE to us? How dare they! The news is supposed to be credible and reliable. Us here in New England are not treated to consistently good weather. It just is not in New England’s foundation. It doesn’t matter how many Super Bowl’s Tom Brady wins – nothing changes.

7:00 AM – Thursday
Our eyes open to Mother Theresa’s cocaine: snow. If Tony Montana lived up North he would never get anything done. And can you blame him? Now without any classes – students can procrastinate even more on their work. Because who believes in efficiency anymore! The snow could care less about your attendance, homework, or underwhelming CAB Event!

Stay safe Warriors, shovel at half speed, and binge watch episodes of ETV.

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