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Drinking Game: Sip, Sip, Shot

Hearing the phrase “Duck, Duck, Goose” conjures up fond childhood memories of playgrounds and birthday parties (unless you were the slowest kid in the group, in which case these might be traumatic memories. Sorry!) For those looking to retreat into the comfort of their childhood, we have transplanted this childhood classic into the adult world. Naturally, we’ve added alcohol.


What You’ll Need:

Some empty floor space, beer and liquor, shot glasses, and a few friends, or at least people who tolerate your presence.


Number of Players:

At least four. Maximum number of players is limited by the available floor space.



Level of Intoxication:

You’ll be so drunk that you’ll regress to a childlike state.


How to Play:

– Arrange players in a circle. Provide each player with both a beer for sipping and a shot for shooting. Everclear is best.

– Select a player to be the bopper.

– The bopper goes around in a circle bopping other players on the head. Following each bop (s)he must declare either “sip” or “shot.”

– If you get “sip” take a sip of your beer.

– If you get “shot” jump up and chase the bopper around the circle and attempt to tag them. If they get to your chair first, you lose. If you tag them first, you win.

– If they get away, take your shot. If you tag them, they must take your shot.

– Player who chased the bopper becomes the new bopper, and the cycle begins anew.


The Game Ends When:

Players are having a hard time standing up, let alone chase each other without falling over.


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