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The Critical Solution to Airpods is Finally Here

Apple Airpods are the headphones of the future, with more and more definitely-cool-guys and kids-with-expendable-wealth buying them up. But like any technological advancement, there are a few societal hiccups that need to be addressed. 

The first and foremost problem with Airpods: them falling out, them not connecting, them getting stolen from people’s ears, losing them, having to charge them, unwanted passersby coming up and talking to you, because they think you’re not listening to anything. And lucky for you, The Black Sheep has solved that issue for you, with this critical solution to Airpod’s biggest problem. Introducing iStrings.

With just a 6 quick payments of $20, these extremely visible cords will prevent pervs, mervs, and derves from coming up and talking to you, the sexiest lady/man on the street. No more random questions about birds, no more asking if you’re “up for whatever” with two ice cold Bud Lights in hand, and no more gentle kisses on the cheek just because they think you’re not busy listening to the latest episode of Talk of Shame.  

If you want your own pair of iStrings, just DM The Black Sheep on Twitter, and we’ll send you a pair, if we feel like it. 

Hey dummy, listen (AND SUBSCRIBE) to the Year in Review episode of our podcast! 

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