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2018 Tuition to Rise to Pay for Ball Pit in Doak


Word has it that Doak Campbell Stadium will be creating a brand new ball pit for the Champions Club. Tuition will be increased to finance this new addition of 20 tons of plastic balls. Renovations will start in the beginning of May and continue through the summer.


The proposed construction has caused a stir in the student population. Sophomore Rachael Bennet stated, “I’m not paying for that shit” as she finished jogging on the IM fields. Rachael is an out of state student, who unknowingly helped pay for other additions to the stadium in the last few years.


Andy Miller, President of Seminole Boosters who helped organize the Champions Club, already convinced administration policy makers to embark on 250 million dollar athletic facilities and team budgets last year. He was selected to head the most recent Student Boosters project of building a giant ball pit.


So, The Black Sheep sat down with Miller to talk about the new project. Before being asked, Miller stated: “How do you think the Doak screen got bigger? “I’m kinda the idea guy around here. The ball pit will be a great way for fans to give back to the Nole Community they built.”


Starting on the first home game of the 2017 football season, Champions Club members will be granted all access to the state of the art ball pits. Each ball is made out of recycled material from the formerly run-down region that College Town gentrified.


Tuition will be more expensive than ever, but the ball pit will be fully functional this upcoming fall. Students can look forward to seeing to the Champions Club members enjoy the new amenity in the years to come.




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