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The 5 Best Places in Tally to Stuff Your Dumb Mouth For $3 or Less


Stereotypically, the mere utterance of the phrase “college student” conjures images of young propeller hat toting liberals sucking down ramen noodles and cheap beer and for the most part that’s pretty accurate (let’s be real, there’s a large quantity of us that do not have to worry about food monetarily speaking). In an attempt to guide the former on their quest for cheap eats, The Black Sheep FSU has compiled a list of the 5 best places to stuff your dumb mouth for $3 or less near FSU.


5.) Taco Republik:
Located right next to Fire Betty’s Arcade bar, this nice lil midtown treasure chest offers $3 sexy, handcrafted tacos that are really, really good. It’s a bit of a hike from campus and a single taco isn’t exactly a feast but they give you free chips and 3 dollars for a non fast food taco is pretty radical, dude.


4.) Poor Paul’s Pourhouse:
Right across from the back entrance to Bullwinkle’s is Poor Paul’s, a pretty neat little dive bar that boasts free Gumby’s pizza, 94 cent drafts, and $4.95 pitchers on Sundays and Mondays. Free Pizza. Poor Paul’s is, however, a 21 and up bar. Sorry youngin’s, being 21 is pretty sick nasty and is totally worth the wait so just try not to get arrested or anything for a little while longer and you’ll be exploring the awakening that is Bull’s and eating that good free pizza in no time.


3.) Campus Vending Machines:
From Dasani to FSU brand cheddar ruffle chips, our campus boasts over 300 vending machines. Whether you want a light snack or a refreshing Coca-Cola product to corrode your teeth with in between classes, you can be sure to spend less than $3 on them at these lean mean hugging vending machines.


2.) Club Downunder:
Club Downunder always has great events at which they give out free food. One recent example was a free wing night where multiple competing chicken wing restaurants pitted their chicken arms against each other to be judged by FSU students. The restaurants had prepared to feed 700 people so even in the wildest of lines, you’d probably be ensured at least a wing.


1.) Seminole Pies:
Of course we’re still bitter this mediocre pie stand replaced Papa John’s in the Union food court. But a giant slice of extra greasy ‘zza is only $2. There’s also cheesy bread and garlic knots, and while none of it looks extremely fresh or appetizing, it’s all part of the appeal- part of the college experience. This place might not have better ingredients™, but it is one of the cheapest food spots on campus.


If you’re creative, observant, and patient, there are a ton of ways to get really cheap food near and at FSU. If you’re too short for vending machines or too young for Poor Paul’s (Seriously don’t use a fake ID at Poor Paul’s. They do not like that), you can also try snagging some freebies from campus clubs or apartment complex offices. Food is hard, so hopefully this makes it a little easier on you.


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