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5 Things that Make More Sense than Miami’s Game-Winning Touchdown

Despite our bad start to the year, the FSU vs Miami football game was looking pretty good. We were leading in the beginning and tied throughout, yet for some reason, at the very end, shit hit the fan. And yeah, we’re bitter about it. That knee was not in the end zone (you know it, we know it, everybody KNOWS it), and therefore Miami DID NOT deserve that bogus win. Despite the clear truth of that play, the outcome made no sense. Here are some things that make WAAAY more sense than that “touchdown”.

5.) Donald Trump being re-elected for another term:
Regardless of your political opinion, it stands that Donald Trump has managed to piss quite a few people off during his time as president. With each new tweet, more people find themselves choosing sides. The likelihood of him getting voted into office again is looking increasingly slim. But, crazier things have certainly happened. Like him getting voted in the first time, or Miami “beating” us for the first time in seven years.

4.) Black holes:
These are WILDLY confusing. Black holes are supposed to be dead, imploded stars that suck everything around them into infinite darkness, including light. Distant cousins of the refs who made that game-winning call.

3.) Particle physics:
Speaking of black holes, if anything is confusing, it’s the science that studies them. Who really knows what particle physics is except for people who actually specialize in it? Intuition says it has something to do with particles… although who’s to say for sure. Even though this kind of science is shrouded in mystery to the common public, it STILL makes more sense than a knee a yard away from the end zone being called a touchdown.

2.) The movie Inception:
This is the kind of film that you have to watch 5 or 6 times before you really start to understand what’s going on. Truly, there might be no one in the world who really gets this movie. You find new things every time you see it and it kinda makes you question reality. However, understanding this movie is a way easier task than wrapping your head around what happened on Saturday.

1.) Jaden Smith’s tweets:
This man is living in his own universe. Who can forget mind-blowing classics like, “How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren’t Real” and “The More Time You Spend Awake The More Time You Spend Asleep”? It’s hard to say if he’s woke or maybe just a little crazy, but either way, his tweets are words to live by if you can interpret them. Hey Miami, “When I Die, Then U Will Realize.”

Saturday was hard, and no one’s really over it yet. Truthfully, we may never be, but if one thing’s for certain it’s that that touchdown was not a touchdown.

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