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Desperate FSU Alerts Double Texts Students


Thursday afternoon, students across campus received multiple text messages from Florida State’s emergency alert system, warning them that there may be danger present and they should head to shelter immediately. As students later found out, this was all a ploy for some sort of response from the attention-craving alert system.


“I don’t get what FSU Alerts System expected to happen. I met him for the first time at Pot’s Wednesday and he seemed cool, so I gave him my number,” one student told The Black Sheep. “But then the next day he started blowing me up. I even kept my read receipts on so he would get the hint but that didn’t help at all.”


Other students reported similar experiences with the FSU alert system. Another student told The Black Sheep that late Thursday night FSU Alerts texted them “U up?”. When the student didn’t respond, the system texted approximately one hour later “Want 2 watch some Netflix at my place?”


This isn’t the first time the FSU alert system has acted shady. A couple weeks ago, during a bout of bad weather, some students were sent messages warning them to stay away from campus and instead to “come chill at Bulls” or “come over and listen to the rain with me lol”. That time however, the alert system refrained from double texting.


FSU campus updates have had a long history of harassing students through email as well, trying to convince them to come hang at the softball game later, or maybe check out a flick at the SLC. Neither could be reached for comments.


The Black Sheep will continue reporting on any further creepiness from automated FSU systems.



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