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The Do’s and Don’ts of Tallahassee Winter


Now that it’s actually cold in Tallahassee for once, we thought it’s finally time to bring out our list of winter do’s and don’ts, especially since Tallahassee weather can be so unpredictable. Without further ado, here are our top ten tips for successfully surviving this winter:


10.) Don’t Plan On Wearing A Parka And Uggs All Day Long:
Chances are by the time it’s midday, you’ll be sweating so much you’ll definitely regret having worn both. You must avoid having a heat stroke from when the weather decides to pull a whole one-eighty during the day.


9.) Do Wear Layers… and Carry Around a Suitcase With All Your Clothes:
Since Tallahassee weather can be both hot and cold during the winter, it’s good to be prepared. Why try outguessing the weather when you can just bring your wardrobe with you all the time? Then you can always be comfortable with whatever Tally throws at you.


8.) Don’t Try Tanning On Landis Green In A Bikini:
You’ll probably end up getting an uneven tan, and you’ll get freezer burn, because Tally weather hates on everyone. What’s even worse is that the grass gets all dried up and muddy and gross at the same time. Definitely not worth.


7.) Do Remember To Bring An Umbrella At All Times:
Even though it’s winter and it’s supposed to be mostly dry weather, Tally does like to mix things up by raining at the most inconvenient times. If you forget to bring an umbrella, you can be assured that it will most likely pour down on you.


6.) Don’t Get Dunked In Westcott Fountain At Night:
Having a birthday in the winter sucks, mainly because people still throw you in the fountain, even though it’s freezing outside and you’ll most likely die from hypothermia. If you want to survive this winter, avoid spontaneous birthday trips at night.


5.) Do Plan On Having Unexpected “Snow Days”:
The last snow day at FSU happened back a few years ago, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t strike again. On the off chance that FSU freezes over, be prepared by having a snow-mobile on hand in case of an emergency.


4.) Don’t Expect FSU To Cancel Classes If The Temperature Falls Below 60 Degrees:
On the other hand, even if there were a blizzard, FSU still wouldn’t close. After all, FSU was definitely okay with a hurricane ripping through town.


3.) Do Try To Wake Up Earlier If You Plan On Seeing Daylight:
Now that winter is upon us, we have fewer hours in the day to enjoy, which means waking up earlier unfortunately. On the upside, at least you won’t have to worry about sweating while walking to class, and you can enjoy a nice warm pumpkin spice latte in a green cup.


2.) Don’t Go Near Anyone If You Don’t Want To Get Sick:
They don’t call it Tallanasty for nothing. Winter in Tally also happens to be nasty because of all the colds and plagues spreading around, and it usually happens during finals week for some reason. If you want to avoid getting sick, just don’t plan on leaving your home ever.


1.) Do Have A Furry Companion To Keep You Warm:
It’s officially cuffing season, so go to the animal shelter ASAP. Let’s be honest, we all need a cute little cuddle buddy to keep us warm during the colder months. Bonus points if you’re a guy and you bring your pet to Landis; you’re definitely bound to attract the ladies. 


And that’s it for our list! We hope you’re now fully prepared to face winter in Tallahassee. Try not to die and stay in school, kids.


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