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How to Prepare Your Body, Mind, and Soul for the Brad Paisley Experience

Country’s biggest name in the game, Brad Paisley, is coming to Tallahassee and you already know what that means: ladies are dusting off their cowgirl boots and guys are practicing their lasso tricks in preparation for the big show. Whether you’re a diehard country fan or new to the country world, here are some ways you can physically and mentally prepare for this concert.

Get a high-low dress from Thomasville Boutique:
Thomasville is the home of southern fashion. Go do a twirl for a nice, southern saleslady and have her style you for the big night. There’s no better feeling then getting dressed up and curling your hair for an event like this. And don’t forget to accessorize; you can get an Alex and Ani bracelet to match the golden spurs on your boots.

Practice your southern twang in the mirror:
Get real close and personal with your mirror and repeat “Yeehaw” as many times as possible, like a real country bumpkin. This will warm you up for future singing during the concert. You want Brad to be impressed with your believable accent while singing along to “One Beer Can”.

Warm up by square dancing with your daddy:
Spin your partner round and round. There’s no better way to physically warm up your body then linking elbows with your dad and skipping in a circle. If you’ve got a strong daddy, you can have him throw you over his shoulder like the big bag of hay that you are.

Drink 3 sips of moonshine:
Sure, this stuff is basically illegal, but with exactly 3 sips of moonshine, you’ll get so drunk and ready to go, you won’t have to drink for the rest of the night. Skip the beer bloat and Fireball shots and be a badass young adult who downs moonshine at a family event.

Take a bubble bath with yer geetar:
Brad’s guitar never leaves his sight, so why should you let yours? Even instruments need a little break from the hectic world of country sometimes. Pop in a bath bomb and strum the strings of your guitar while you sit and soak up the soapy paradise. Don’t forget to shave your legs too; you never know who you’ll meet at the tailgate.

Wear assless chaps on a pre-concert date with your boyfriend, Bucky:
Country music is all about love and betrayal. So to improve your sexy time with Bucky and prepare for this concert, throw on your freshest pair of assless chaps. Bucky will be so floored by your spontaneity and great booty that he’ll write a song about it and become an overnight country music sensation.

Ride your horsey to the concert:
This one is extravagant, but if you want to wow the crowd, saddle up, climb onto your black stallion, and gallop to the tailgate. The crowd will envy you, but most importantly, Brad Paisley will envy you. Remain on your horse for the entire concert for the ultimate country concert experience.

From one cowgirl to the next, country concerts are a religious experience. If you follow all of these steps, you’ll go through the country concert thrill of a lifetime and you won’t remember doing any of it after the moonshine.

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