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The Top 6 Places in Tallahassee to Take Grad Pictures


This is it. You made it. Those naysayers (and your mom) may have thought you weren’t going to walk across that stage but you knew you’d make it (mostly). And you deserve this moment. So put on that overpriced rental cap and gown and strut through campus to take those gosh darn grad pics. Here is an honest list of the places you need to hit up this graduation season. Your grandparents might not be thrilled but why not acknowledge the real Tally places that made you you?


6.) Starbucks at Strozier Library:
Since you’ve probably been drowning in schoolwork since the second you enrolled at Florida State, it’s only right you pay tribute to the one building on campus you most likely spent the majority of your time in. Not only did you live in this prison-like building, but you have a deeply emotional connection to this place because it’s where you’ve had the most mental breakdowns and have shed the most tears. The Starbucks baristas are your cram time crack dealers and the basement is where you curled up into a ball to cry and consider dropping out. This place holds some of your most memorable, and traumatizing, college experiences- why not pop a bottle of champagne on Poppa Strozier statue’s lap?


5.) Florida State Financial Aid Office:
Considering the fact that Financial Aid somehow finds a way to screw with your scholarships and loans every semester, we know you spent the first 2-3 weeks of each semester either being placed on hold or standing in a line that wraps around Doak twice. The black color of your cap and gown will be a dramatic symbol for how you’ve sold your soul to the US government to get that English degree. You might be in debt until you’re 50 but at least you’re super artsy. Wear boxing gloves to symbolize your constant feud with financial aid. Let a car run over you before taking your grad pics to symbolize them walking all over you.


4.) West Tennessee Street McDonalds Drive-Thru:
You know, I know, we all know you spent the end of every White Trash Wednesday face down passed out in the middle of the McDonald’s drive thru, bathroom, lobby or sidewalk. Some of your fondest memories getting lit AF are the ones you can’t remember at McD’s. That one time you bought and ate 200 nuggets? Don’t remember it. But we know you remember throwing up 200 nuggets the next day so commemorate that high point in your life by taking classy grad pics at your favorite booth.


3.) DeGraff “Rape Tunnel”:
Take it back to where it all started: the long, terrifying underground tunnel that leads to FSU’s beloved party dorm. It’s one of the many places that you learned to avoid bringing up in conversation. Once you survived crossing the street where every car ignores the stop signs, you had to get across the tunnel that ended with a lurking homeless man on most late nights. The nostalgia here is real. Pose by the emergency blue light and smile because you never have to go back here again.


2.) The Capitol Building:
What better way to both simultaneously fight the man one last time and piss off your parents than to take your graduation pics in front of our large, white, phallic capital building? Inspiring building. Nuff said.


1.) On Your Couch Watching Netflix:
When all is said and done, we all know 80% of your time not spent in a classroom was spent binge-watching Netflix. You Netflix before class, Netflix after class, hell- sometimes Netflix during class. While your mom might want a picture of you in front of Wescott, giving her a picture of you stretch across your couch is a much better representation of where your priorities in college lied. No shame, kid. You made it this far. Pour some bubbly and start that next season- because you’re done forever!


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