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5 Tips for Training Your Gator to be a Good Boy


UF students may think they’re the only gators out there trying to fit into the UF lifestyle, but the Gator Nation is home to more than just students on campus. It is for all gators, scales or no scales, and some need a little more help in the etiquette department. Here’s how to help:

5.) Make sure he’s a law abiding gator:

Just like students, make sure your gator is trained to use crosswalks and can read stop signs. Let them know that it’s just for safety purposes and to look both ways for cars or bobcats, only untamed animals run mindlessly throughout the streets. #GatorsUseCrosswalks

4.) Teach him ENO etiquette:

ENOing is a ~lifestyle~. Your gator needs to fully experience life at UF, which means learning how to properly be extra with an ENO hammock. Soon enough your good boy will be spotted straight chillin’ at the Plaza in his orange and blue, hammock eating his third Krishna lunch of the day.

3.) Enroll your boy in The Good Life:

You can’t just be on campus without experiencing the hell that is classes at UF. This goes for all Gators. Enroll your scaly pet in The Good Life so he knows just what it means to truly experience Siddhartha and “how it all connects.”

2.) Buy him a UF sweatshirt:

It doesn’t matter that the sweatshirt is only really needed for about one week of the year; you’ll still catch students rocking that sweatshirt in 90-degree weather. Make sure your gator feels included in this UF student fashion trend. Bonus points if he does a little uneasy waddle. It’ll be very cute, trust us.

1.) Remind him that he’s a “good boy”:

Just like all students, your gator is going to want to be reminded that he’s doing okay and that he’s a good student. Rub his tummy and pat his head, but watch out for his teeth, they can still do a real gator chomp. Validation is important in training your gator to truly be a good boy.

It doesn’t matter if you walk on two legs or all four, all gators should get to experience the UF lifestyle equally. Teach your good boy the ways of the Gator Nation and chomp on.

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