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5 UF Spring Looks to Help You Cope with the End of the Semester

We know you all worked really hard to get those bodies ready for spring break, and now we’re gonna give you some OOTD inspo for your next day on campus.

Hipster Krishna look, paired with you pretending this food is actually healthy:

Some cute ripped denim cause it’s 50 degrees in the morning and 80 by noon will help keep you at a comfortable temp all day. A retro looking shirt will distract people from the fact that you haven’t showered in two days and have bags under your eyes. Make sure to go full hippie as well and either wear ‘stocks or go barefoot!

An ‘it’s fucking raining again’ jacket and umbrella:

Going anywhere on campus without a rain jacket or umbrella just screams “I’m a freshman” or “I’m a fucking idiot!” Keep that thing on you because if you get soaked then get on a bus, you’ll definitely get pneumonia (it’s like 30 degrees on those things!). Make sure you got something to protect yourself from sideways rain and puddles that are ankle deep.

A Birkenstocks and socks look that really says, “I’m studying”:

Throw on your dick appointment shorts, a shirt that you definitely didn’t buy in the kid’s section of the Disney Store, and some spirit socks with your Birkenstocks. It gives the perfect illusion that you’re cute, comfy, and productive! No one will know you’re about to head to Lib West to pretend to do work until your laptop dies, then act like you’re sooo distraught about it and go home to continue your depression nap.

A heavy blanket to wear with the Gainesville plague:

After your useless stop at the Infirmary, stay cozy and wrapped in a blanket at all times while you’re trying to recuperate from the Gainesville plague. In between planning your funeral and wondering if they’ll give you a posthumous 4.0, drink all the free Gatorade your heart desires and try to feel just a little bit better.

Throw up an “I’m okay” sign with any outfit and smile through the pain:

This outfit is best worn to deal with the bullshit of John Mulaney cancelling and finals season starting soon. Sure, your cuffing season boo might have dipped already and you just realized you have finals up until the last day, but you got this. If you can get through this this, then you can probably get through anything, right? Hahaha, RIGHT? We don’t know, we’re spiraling. 

No matter what you’re wearing, it’s still gonna be better than wearing shitty Garnet and Gold, so. 




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