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5 UF Texting Acronyms You Need to Know


Txting is, like, sooo in RN and e1 knws how 2 read common txt words like LOL, OMG and WTF. But ofc, the slang varies by where u r, and evry college has its own unique language. Here r the top five acronyms that evry UF student knws and prob uses daily.

5.) SWNC:

Definition: Southwest and Chill

Explanation: A buff man’s version of Netflix and chill, SWNC implies exercise at UF’s Southwest Gym followed by an even more energetic round of sex. Typically only used between gym junkie Tinder users, there will likely be a spike in current usage since everyone’s 2017 resolution is to hit the gym.

Common context: “Hey baby wanna SWNC tonight?” “Sure, I love a good workout before a workout ;)”

4.) ITTGL:

Definition: Is This the Good Life?

Explanation: This is not the course code for the infamous Good Life class, but rather a rhetorical question that UF students will ask over and over again throughout their four years here.

Common context: “I have three exams, two quizzes and a paper due this week. ITTGL??”


Definition: Fuck this shit, let’s go to Mid.

Explanation: This phrase is most commonly used when studying gets to be too much—which happens more frequently than you’d think. Sometimes you just need to let go and let God do the rest (and by God, we mean mass amounts of alcohol at trashy bars).

Common context: “We’ve been in the library for hours. How much longer do you want to stay?” “FTSLGTM! I’ll probably do better on my test hungover anyway.”


Definition: Sleeping on the Floor of a Frat House

Explanation: If you go to a darty, pregame or tailgate, odds are you will see at least one person who couldn’t handle their Skol napping on the sticky floor. If no one is around, then you should probably step in to help; but if their friends are insisting that they’re okay, you should just go back to enjoying the party.

Common context: After the highly anticipated handle-chugging contest, at least a dozen brothers of Alpha Sigma Sigma were SOTFOAFH.


Definition: It’s Great to be a Florida Gator and It Sucks to be a Florida State Seminole

Explanation: The first half of this acronym can be heard as a chant at every UF sporting event; but due to the vast and unmatched spirit of the Swamp, it’s turned into a widely used acronym that carries out the double duty task of promoting UF and putting down our biggest rivals.

Common context: “My friend from FSU is coming down this weekend.” “That’s the third weekend in a row! I guess IGTBAFGAISTBAFSS.”


Srsly, evry1 knws wht these acronyms mean. So nxt time ur txting a fellow G8r, dnt 4get that u hav a whole arsenal of dope AF acronyms u can use 2 communic8 w each othr and rly get ur point across!


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