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5 Ways to Beat the Post Football Season Blues in The Swamp


After the brutal defeat of those lazy Iowa Hawkeyes on New Year’s Day, football season has officially ended and left many Gators with PFSD. Post Football Season Depression. You may be sad about not having your 6 a.m. tailgating to go to, or miss gloating about winning the Outback Bowl over eighteen beers and a bloomin’ onion. If you’re looking for a way to keep the joys of football season alive, then we’ve got you covered with these stadium friendly activities to help you cope.

5.) Hit The Bleachers:

It’s time to hit the bleachers, but instead of running up and down them wearing you out (because LBH, we all know that wasn’t going to happen), grab yourself a 30-rack of Keystone. Head on over to the seats you sat through all of fall semester, , and see just how many beers it takes to fall down the bleachers, and just how many it takes for you to imagine your boys still rushing the 30-yard line.

4.) Hookups on the 50 Yard-Line:

We know you all have thought about hooking up in the stadium. With football season over, now is your chance to score your very own touchdown. Grab a blanket and head on over to the stadium while there aren’t 80,000 people watching, or you know, an entire football team trying to trample you and your hot hookup.

3.) Party at The Swamp:

Post football season depression is the best reason to throw a raging party on the football field. This way you get one final goodbye to the field (until fall semester that is) and if we’re being honest, there’s always a reason to party in The Swamp. Plus, like, it would just be sweet to say your threw up all over the 40 yard-line.

2.) Get Your Own Team Together:

If you ever wanted to be on the Gators football team, but you lack any hand-eye coordination, then now is your chance to live that dream. Take full advantage of the empty stadium this semester by putting together your own little football team—a team with every person who wanted to be on the team, but ya know, really sucked at football.

1.) Only Streaker’s Get Out Alive:

Have you ever dreamt of streaking stark naked across the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, but crippling anxiety and fear of going to jail has stopped you? No? Just us? Well, if you have post football season is the time to do it. You can freely run across that field with no fear of having thousands of fans’ beady eyes staring at you (or, like, the cops chasing you—but that isn’t a big deal or anything). Run free, Gators.

The end of Gator football comes with a lot of sadness through out Gainesville. With these five stadium friendly activities, you can feel at home while in The Swamp 365 days a year.


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