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6 Songs We’d Rather Hear Century Tower Play All Day

Century Tower is a landmark on the UF campus, and its bells can be heard chiming every fifteen minutes to let students know what fucking time it is. It doesn’t matter if you’re next to it in Turlington dodging people left and right, or if you’re cramming for your finals in Newell. The only thing that could make it more iconic would be if it played some more hit songs, like these:

6.) “Don’t Stop Believing”:
Nothing like some classic rock encouragement every quarter hour during finals season. Sing along with the chimes to really pep yourself up. Maybe instead of taking your exam you can take the midnight train going anywhere. Otherwise, don’t stop believing that you won’t fail.

5.) “Sweet Caroline”:
This classic karaoke hit will bring everyone on campus to a standstill as they all join in for one big, UF-themed musical number. It’ll feel just like 1 a.m. at Rockey’s! Let’s change the lyrics to “Sweet Alberta Gator” and call it a day.

4.) “Breaking Free”:
High School Musical brings us all back to simpler times, when we didn’t have to worry about tests, homework, or our crushing debt which accumulates more and more each year. You can soar and fly your way out of Marston after you break free of your sanity. 

3.) “Three Blind Mice”:
Wait, what? Oh, this just happens when a freshman music student gets their hands on whatever instrument controls the bells.

2.) Anything by one of the Lil rappers:
Are they really that different? Imagine hearing “Gucci Gang” blasting from the bells of Century Tower at 9:30 a.m. The reactions from everybody that hears it just might make waking up for your morning class worth it.

1.) “Ignition (Remix)”:
Everybody’s favorite. It’s impossible to not like this song. In fact, it’s so good, it’s hot and fresh out the kitchen. You can give that toot toot and beep beep as you sip on Coke and rum while you cry because it’s the freakin’ weekend but you’re about to spend it inside in the dark pouring over your textbooks.

No matter what Century Tower is cranking out as you walk by, rest assured knowing it’s guaranteed to be a total bop!




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