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7 Lies Gators Tell Themselves to Get Through the Day

It’s hard out in Gainesville for a stressed-out Gator. Sometimes, you just don’t have the willpower to do what it takes to get some particular thing done. That’s why we tell ourselves some ridiculous things to keep going. Like these straight up LIES:

7.) “I’ll make it to class on time.”
Whether it’s the RTS being late (despite the app saying it’s on time), a scooter breakdown, or waking up ten minutes past your alarm, at this point, all you can do is try to convince yourself it’s still worth it. Or you can tell yourself that since you already missed the first part of the lecture, the rest of it isn’t worth it either, and go back to sleep.

6.) “I don’t need to write that down, I’ll remember it.”
Even the most studious among us are guilty of this one. It doesn’t matter if it’s a fluff 1 credit class or the most important class of your major, you can’t be bothered to write it down when you’ve got a photographic memory.

5.) “I’ll just do it the day it’s due.”
The motto for online classes should be “due tomorrow? do tomorrow.” It’s a lot easier to flake when you don’t have a professor breathing down your neck.

4.) “Yo, Mid is the perfect place to study!”
You’ve got an exam coming up on Monday, and it’s Friday. You want to study, but where to go? Marston and Lib West are always crowded, your roommate never leaves you alone… Aha! Midtown, of course! A little booze never hurt anyone’s grades.

3.) “Just one more episode.”
The homework is always “just around the corner” when you have six shows queued up on Netflix. In ten years, you’ll wish you’d been there when everybody was watching that popular new series, but you probably won’t remember whatever was on the homework. Do yourself a favor and click “next episode”.

2.) “Five more minutes, then I’ll…”
Go to the gym. Get out of bed. Start your semester project (even though it’s due two days ago). No matter what the event is, it’s always just five minutes away. And you know what? You deserve that five more minutes of sleep (or laziness). You’ve been working hard on thinking about doing stuff.

1.) “#itsgreatUF”
There’s a reason this hashtag is used almost exclusively sarcastically by anyone who isn’t the official UF Twitter account. Take all of the other problems on this list, and roll them into one big one. That’s how you know #itsgreatUF.

Whatever the reason, Gators can always find a reason to tell themselves something to stay motivated. That’s why, it sometimes actually is great, UF.

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