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7 Veg Alternatives in Gville to Help You Make it Through the Rest of Lent


College towns are known to cater to all diets and cuisine options. From hipster kale lovers, to beer guts and pizza. Gville does it all—including catering to our vegetarian friends (and our Lent pescatarians).  Here are Gainesville’s own alternatives to skipping out on meals that serve land and air animals.

7.) UF’s Oh So Famous Broward Dining(?):

If you can’t get off campus but are looking for some meatless options, check out UF’s very own Broward Dining! You can rest assured that your diet will not suffer knowing that the “meat” is probably 99%* not real meat. *The other 1% could be roaches…but hey, it’s just extra protein!

6.) Spending Lent at Po’Boys:

As of March 1 it is officially Lent! Which is great for all of our Catholic Gators (and others practicing) until you realize Lent means vegetarian or pescatarian Fridays…for 40 days. What’s a better place to chow down on some seafood then Gville’s own Po’Boys Seafood and Grill? Plus, major brownie points with the ol’ Holy One for dining out in a Christian setting. 

5.) Vegan2Go (Vegheads #1 BAE):

Sometimes you just forget to go to grocery shopping for two or so weeks (or months) and only have one questionable container of leftovers your mom packed for you at Christmas. In desperate times such as these, Vegan2Go is officially #TakeoutBae for all our veggie lovers, but bad for anyone who gave up eating out for Lent. (We’re not sorry, though. You brought that on yourself.)

4.) Making Gains with Daily Green:

Health food addicts, here is your heaven. This place offers vegetarian and vegan friendly cuisine, as well as super healthy spinach, kale, and 70+ other vegetable juices. Because who doesn’t love downing a bottle of bright green liquid?

3.) Getting Co-op with Civilization:

If you’re looking for a vegetarian friendly place to take your hot date, look no further. Civilization is about as cozy and hipster as it gets. This local veggie restaurant will surely have your date craving something else to eat by the end of the night. ~wink wink~

2.) Dumpster Diving Behind Trader Joe’s:

Dumpster diving for food is a hipster-esque trend that’s been going on for a while, and tbh we’re completely on board. Dumpster diving at Trader Joe’s on Archer Rd. means super organic fruits and veggies for the completely reasonable price of free! If you’re lucky maybe there will be some fresh fish in there too.

1.) Mowing on Over to Flavet Field:

You can’t get more vegetarian than eating straight up grass. As the great Tina Belcher once said “Your ass is grass, and I’m gonna mow it.” Well, Flavet Field is grass, and we’re gonna eat it.

Gainesville’s economy may thrive on college students buying pizza and spending a year’s worth of tuition at local bars, but the vegetarian options for locals definitely are worth checking out—regardless of whether or not you’re one to eat meat.



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