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The “What is the Good Life” Drinking Game

We’re nearly through the semester and you’re beginning to wonder if getting through ‘What is the Good Life’ is really worth graduating. You can’t handle the rest of the dweebs in your discussion group (we get it Becky, you don’t believe in the ‘Good Life’), or your TA who mentally curses his or her luck every day for having to read all of your shitty “enlightened” essays. The Black Sheep knows exactly what you need to get through The Good Life, and it’s lots and lots of alcohol.

What You’ll Need: A fake ID (or any alcohol your underage ass can get your hands on), a seat in the back of the lecture hall and a shot glass—though, we recommend hollowing out your copy of Siddhartha to hold your favorite flask and be a little more discrete.

Level of Intoxication: By the end of lecture, we guarantee you’ll have intimate knowledge of the Good Life.

How to Play:

Take a sip…

…if your professor asks, “how does this all connect?”

…when someone brings up Siddhartha, in any context.

…whenever a TED Talk is referenced. Take two sips if the professor actually plays the talk during class (you’re welcome).

Take a shot…

…every time an awkward silence follows a question.

…when someone falls asleep in lecture.

…for every reading you didn’t do.

…when you spot someone watching Netflix instead of actually paying attention.

Finish your drink…

…when your professor asks, “What does this all mean?”

…if you ever feel like wanting to literally blow your brains out.

…whenever your professor wants you to make a Spark Story.

Lightning Round: In the last 10 minutes of class, take a drink every time…

…you hear the word “enlightenment.”

…you hear the word “experience.”

…you hear the word “achieve.”

…you hear the phrase “Good Life.”

Follow these rules and we guarantee the best 50 minutes of your life. Well, maybe not as good as Sunday Funday (RIP, #neverforget), but sorta close, okay?

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