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Is Grog House Actually Fun or is it Just Convenient?

Ask us what a staple of going to UF is and we’ll tell you it’s Friday and Saturday nights in Mid at the one place you can get shitfaced and still walk back to your dorm in about 10-15 minutes (maybe longer depending on your level of wobble). Grog House is the center of Midtown’s strip and we’re perplexed as to why we still find ourselves there every weekend when we know there are more drinks in the sea (of bars). We’re here to break down all of the good and bad that come with choosing to go to Grog.

Point: Ugh every time I go there I have to make sure I’m not wearing heels because the floors are so sticky I could die.

Counterpoint: Put some fucking flats on and be comfortable for once in your life. Your outfit is not ruined, now shut up and drink your vodka pineapple.

Point: There’s always a line to get in AND I still had to pay cover!!

Counterpoint: It’s Mid, there’s a line anywhere you go (you should’ve used Fomo). Next time prostitute yourself a bit and maybe the bouncer will let you slide—beats the $10 cover next door.

Point: There’s so many stairs. Oh. my. GOD.

Counterpoint: Yo, they have the cheapest drinks you mf; beat the clock, work off a few calories, and then drink till you’re fucked up.

Point: Well, there’s always at least one 30 year-old ACR here preying on youths.

Counterpoint: Once a Gator always a Gator, bitch.

Point:  Everyone’s always so sweaty and close to you. Plus, there’s no elbow room, so I’m always scared someone’s going to step on me.

Counterpoint: Well, that’s kind of the point?

Point: I’m going anywhere else but here.

Counterpoint: Good luck getting in.

Point: Truueeee.

Counterpoint: Now, find a quarter, get a pitcher, and buckle tf up.

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